How can restaurants gain footfall in tough times
How can restaurants gain footfall in tough times

Everyone wish to reap profit throughout the year in restaurant business as food is one such business which is never going to die in India. Be it a festive season or a summer peak, the increased footfall is their ultimate desire. However, with growing competition in the market these owners end up incurring not-so-good results from the business.

Hence, as restaurant industry is highly unpredictable, a restaurant owner has to follow some prim methods to increase their client visit. Here is a list of sure shot ways to double the footfall in your restaurant and see ripe results.

To retain is to gain

Food business is known as one of the risky business where customers stick to you because of your quality and service. And, you can’t ever fix the footfall and attract new customers if you are unable to retain your loyal customers and lure new customers. Hence, restaurant owners should always know the basics of matching the expectations of their old customers because it is word of mouth that works in food business. Apart from providing them with the best of services, some additional pampering could be an added factor to maintain their interest towards your restaurant. Also, there is lots of loyalty programmes and measures that is out in market which you can give to your customers who are regular.

Word of mouth helps in getting new customers

Word of mouth has helped every single restaurant and business to excel. A happy customer is quite likely to refer your restaurant to his circle, family and friends. Just imagine if your one customer recommends the restaurant to five others, the profits will surely be sky rocketing. A major perk for new and existing customers are offers and customised menu that will further reinforce them to refer it to other known peer group of people. On the other hand, a bad gesture of any of your staff is sure to result into the negative publicity of the brand, hence be very careful in training your staffs.

Marketing it right

No matter how high-investing it may sound, a sound media marketing of your menu that you are launching, all of it will ensure compelling to customers to try your restaurant once. So, always keep on introducing discounts in forms of coupons, menu combos, and other freebies and also market it on all media platforms. Make sure to hire a good marketing team that keeps on introducing such offers via various media channels. While print publicity is a great option, you may also publicize your brand on a local TV channel for more frequent flow of customers. Also, with the vast exposure of internet and booming online publicity, one is advised to make good use of it to promote your restaurant on social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for an added dose of announcement to include in your existing marketing strategy. 

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