How can Restaurants Save Time with Smart Transportation and Storage
How can Restaurants Save Time with Smart Transportation and Storage

The most complicated issue for any restaurants is logistics handling and that needs to be managed well. Most of the restaurants do not have sufficient space for the storage and hence they need technology to manage it well. JIT (Just in Time) delivery method is one such method used to ensure proper supplies. No matter you are running a single restaurant or managing 2,000 locations, find out how restaurants are partnering with logistics companies to save time, money and extra gained headaches.

Managing Time With Storage and Transportation

It’s of utmost importance that the restaurants have loyal suppliers who supply products as and when required so there are no excess or short stocks. It also allows the restaurant to provide fresh products all the time. “We at Foodlink ensure pre-scheduled deliveries of goods so that the suppliers do not incur additional transportation costs. Bulk items have periodic standing orders and deliveries in phase manner so that the products are available as per requirements,” shared Nitin Nagrale, VP – Materials Management, Foodlink Services, by adding that combined deliveries on a single route to multiple restaurants ensures savings in logistics and also provides ease in operation.

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On the other hand, Domino’s which changed the overall delivery business in India with it 30 minutes delivery model has always focused on efficient transportation and supply. “By use of Technology for e.g., there are roller cages used at supply centers for picking the stocks and movement through vehicle and this saves unloading time and storage also will be good for restaurant team. They just have to pick the roller cages and move inside the restaurant without being handling in bulk instead of pieces,” pointed K Gopala Krishnan, Head Supply Chain Centre (South), Jubilant FoodWorks that operates Domino’s and Dunkin Donuts in India. Also there are vehicle tracking system that has become popular to track the vehicle from supply center to restaurant and this will enable to plan resource at restaurant for quick unloading and better space management.

Universal and Adaptable- Winning the Game

 “We at Foodlink believe that The Food is the Hero in the entire script of the film called restaurants! We are always innovative in our offerings which make us different in our segment of customers,” added Nagrale as he believed that learning new, innovative methods of presenting & serving food, being on top of the game with progressing cooking methods and insuring good quality raw material is sourced makes us successful. Meanwhile, restaurants tend to be flexible in serving the demands of the guests as due to the exposure every customer has become very demanding. The millennial especially expect attention which is a large part of restaurant business. To understand the customer expectation and create bandwidth at back-end to meet consistent service and sustain the cost below market price. To keep the cost, efficiency and productivity is important and achieve efficiency and productivity, restaurants must use latest technology, automation and systems etc.

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At the same time, it’s important to have adequate resources to provide world class service. Anything inadequate results in insufficient service. But it’s also important that an effective manager manages backend with less resource. His capability of managing backend with short staff or less material showcases his ability and results in reduced costs. Relationship with suppliers and user department also plays a major role when you have insufficient resources so that the same outcome is obtained. “I have been working for supply chain department for over 24 years now. A solid backend ensures great front end! It helps them to deliver better to customers,” Nagrale added further as it also takes away the worry of operations staff about availability and quality of the material. Keeping abreast of latest trends, products, methods at backend always gives a great boost to front end and finally to the customers.

Commenting on the same, Gopalakrishnan added, “strong and reliable resources is very much required for strong backend operation and to train, retain we should have strong HR practices like Employee engagement, training & development system in place.”

Hence, there is no denying that backend is the key for any business success and strong backend is MUST to have great customer satisfaction in the restaurant in terms of product range availability and quick menu mix.

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