How F&B Has Become A Cross-Cultural Segment
How F&B Has Become A Cross-Cultural Segment

India being one of them is expanding and growing in almost every sector taking our economy to a new level. Whenever there is an economic growth in a country, it eventually results in the growth of the food quality in terms of both quality and quantity.

Being one of the fastest growing market, Indian food industry has witnessed a sudden rise in the sector expanding its branch to almost every corner of the country. Experts have predicted that this industry will rise even more in the upcoming time as many people are now coming up and showing their interest towards this industry. The food and beverage market was reported to be  32 billion in 2016 whereas it is expected to rise to 145 billion by 2020. The penetration of both national and international brands and chains has caused this sector to expand at such rate. More people can be seen who are ready to enter and invest into this  F&B industry. This expansion has given rise to many new inventions and concepts with whom the restaurateurs are working upon serving their customers.

“Food and beverage industry is something which is evergreen. People are now quitting their jobs and are entering into this industry realizing there is a lot more for them in this sector. It’s a recession- free sector which eventually gives people endless number of opportunity to make money,” says Kaustubh Naik, Owner of Retox- The Social Fix adding that the growth of this industry in recent times has certainly caused many people to think about their career and future plan. People have slowly started to understand the growth one has in this industry. That’s why we can see many people shifting their profession into this industry. Trying to build a full-time career in this industry is something which is now on a trend where everyone is trying to do that. Realizing the necessity and value of food, this industry has opened the gate for many people to be a part of its culture.

Many people are stepping into this industry with a simple motive of money making. While, there are others who are carrying their love and passion for food forward by stepping into this industry. They try to fulfill their dreams which were once put at halt because of various reasons. “Hospitality industry was not what it is right now in 2000. Despite of having passion for food, I was forced to opt for medicine as my career option. But then a time came when I decided that I’m not meant to do what I am doing right now. That was my eureka moment which pushed me directly into the  industry,” shares Gaurav Wadhwa, owner of Theos, Noida.

Lots of people are opting for this industry for their satisfaction from happy customers. It’s about getting rewarded back from them. “I stepped into this business because of my love and passion towards tea and other beverage. I was towards it since I was a student. The satisfaction I get from seeing my happy customers can’t be expressed in words. You can say that I came into this industry for fulfilling my satisfaction by serving items to my customers who can eventually turn happy,” explains Jiten Sucheda, owner of Jugmug Thela.

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