How Personalized Wellness and Nutrition Is Reshaping Restaurants
How Personalized Wellness and Nutrition Is Reshaping Restaurants

The wellness trend is changing drastically across the globe, shaping and structuring the mentality of customers in different ways.  Due to changing expectations towards their favored food brands, it is emerging as one of the important challenges for restaurateurs. The wellness and nutrition trend is so in demand that it is causing the restaurants to change their way of action keeping the customer’s expectation and demand in mind.

Millennials in particular are leading the charge by promoting health-conscious diets which are both beneficial and tasty. Considering health as an utmost priority, millennials are forcing the restaurants to come up with different concepts offering healthy and nutritional product that they love to eat. Hence, restaurants are introducing more and more vegan and green diets into their menu, satisfying the customer’s need. The restaurants are willing to cash this trend which they believe is here to stay. According to a report, it is believed that 1000 men and women between age 20—30 are shifting towards a healthy diet and the rate is expected to rise more in the upcoming time.     

A report of USA Today stated that almost 30,000 consumers in more than 60 nations believe that the Millennials are the most health-centric group in the world. More than four out of ten people indicate that they are willing to spend more money for healthier products and cuisines. Thus, the market for health and nutritional enthusiasts is expanding creating awareness for a healthy lifestyle. A sense of mindfulness can be seen in today’s customer that enables them to ask questions about the origin of food, the ingredients and even about the process it is being prepared. It clearly states that they are very much concerned about their health and about the impact caused by the nutrition in food.  

People are now more conscious thereby making them explore various foods’ which helps and increases brain health, sleep, and stress. They believe that it is better to invest in healthy foods fulfilling their hunger and meeting the basic nutritional level both at the same time. “We are providing people to select their own ingredients. By this way, transparency is provided to our customers who are generally health conscious.  We are trying to provide the nutrititive value of food in front of the people,” says Gautam Kamra, GM, Wok To Walk.

Infusing Technology

Innovating technologies like fitness trackers and calorie counting applications are also contributing towards making health and wellness a more personal thing. With presence of such applications in the market, consumers are able to learn more about foods and ingredients which are beneficial for their health.

A sense of mindfulness can be seen in today’s customers that enable them to ask questions about the origin of food, its ingredients and even about its  preparation process. In order to participate in the growing market, many restaurants are now serving and preparing the food to maintain transparency in front of their customers.

“Customers are willing to invest in brands which are providing them transparency while catering. Millennial’s expectations have certainly revamped our  way of  working in the industry. We as a team try to provide transparency at our restaurant so that this huge crowd stays satisfied,” shares Simant Tyagi, Co-owner, Hyjack Restaurant and Bar.    

Not only this, a restaurant named Habit in San Francisco is one such example for personalized nutrition business. The brand dragged attention in the year 2016 when a company named Campbell Soup Co. invested about $30 million in the brand. The company required users to submit their blood samples for review. Based on the results, the company developed a personalized nutrition plan for the user. They made sure that personal wellness is as important as consuming great food.

In India, it is just the dawn of the personalized nutrition market and not sure which kind of business model will succeed. The only thing clear is that it will surely attract consumer’s interest as the market builds momentum with time.

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