How technology is turning the best revenue table at restaurants
How technology is turning the best revenue table at restaurants

It is said that social media is changing every aspects of restaurant industry. This includes marketing promotions to customer relations and even hiring new employees. The latest surveys show that 70 per cent of the restaurants have accounts on social media and only 63 per cent have usual websites.

Restaurant owners believe that with the advent of technologies and platforms like social media the restaurants these days have direct impact on increasing the revenue. Today, restaurateurs are connecting with the customers through social media. It creates meaningful relationships with the owner and the customer. “Advantages outgo the disadvantages. As it is a free marketing, add to the sales, maximise the profits, use in a positive manner”, shared Zorawar Kalra of Massive Restaurants.

Buzzing around technology

Technology is something that drives the business and now it is merging with the social networking sites.  It’s is a place where common interests people collaborate and express themselves that wouldn’t be possible without the technological advances. And, “From technology perspective, restaurateurs have to recognise the customers before they enter the restaurants (how many times they came, what are their likes and dislikes and also give them best food and services)”, pointed Ankit Mehrotra, Co-Founder, Dineout.

Another new technology, the mobile wallet app- the main reason behind consumer’s not adopting because they can’t find advantage over credit cards as it more convenient and secure. However, many customers are interested in mobile wallets; if it integrates coupons and loyalty programs through mobile wallet. Tarvinder Singh, GM at Mobikwik says,“Mobile wallet is growing- it has 50,000 market users. Now we are also giving some touch points to the customers.”

With the rapidly shifting technology it is impossible for restaurants to overlook the social media. Social media can have both positive and negative impact for the businesses. Whether the review comes out positive or negative for the restaurants, social media and technology always helps the restaurants.

And, therefore, the result of social media is usually positive but today the restaurant owners have a new set of challenges to go along with their core purposes of providing guests with a meal and an experience that the guest perceives as valuable based on the price paid. Sometimes these sites make it difficult for the customers to distinguish between the correct and wrong reviews written at the various sites. This also damages the productivity of the restaurants. 

The restaurant owners use the social media as it is a low-cost marketing tool and helps to reach the mass audience. But this lack of defined social media activities have to be evaluated to ensure that they are strategically designed and executed for the millennial as they rely on social networking sites all the time. At this time, most of the restaurants are going online as this is a discovery platform for the customers and the restaurateurs. 

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