Is Customer Attainment and Sustainment a Key to Restaurant Biz
Is Customer Attainment and Sustainment a Key to Restaurant Biz

The new trend surely includes the ‘Theme-based’ restaurants for which people are looking out for. A fun-filled environment along with a high quality environment is what people gauge for today. And, restaurateurs’ take priority over everything else keeping the architecture, ambience, décor, music and feel of a restaurant in mind.

Earlier people used to dine out with colleagues and families to spend some personal time with each other.  The primary motive was to hang out exchanging words over a cup of coffee and proper food. But things are not the same anymore. They want entertainment along with delicious foods. Keeping the food, service and location in mind, the ventures are trying something different which can eventually please the customers by providing them with experience and memories. “I wanted to open a café where people can take break from their hectic life relaxing and discovering their inner child and madness,” shares Raghav who owns Crack Pot Café  where one can see a lot of photo frames, artworks and graffiti on the walls. Board games are another thing which the group has added to the café with brick walls, colorful chairs and musical instruments like tablas and guitars.

Theme based restaurants and cafes have evolved drastically with time. In recent years more and more ventures are expected to pop up in the upcoming time. According to NRAI, the food service market stands at Rs 3,09,110 crore, and is estimated to grow to approximately 5,00,000 crore by 2021. This growth is fuelled by most of the millennial group who are tech-friendly and are interested in a different dining experience. Earlier, the interiors of the restaurants used to be somehow the same with prime motive of serving good quality food to the customers. But the millennial customers have literally changed the concept of having dinner outside. Keeping the expectations of the customers in mind, restaurants have started experimenting with their interiors providing different themes to the customers. “Theme attracts people. I believe to run a restaurant you need two things keeping the customers in mind ‘Customer Attainment and Customer Sustainment’,” says Rishi Singhal of Fly Kouzina who always knew that he needs to create something very different in order to attract customer.

Hence, its always good to opt for a theme and concept when opening your restaurant as people always look for an enrich experience and sensational vibes at a place.

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