'It is always important to stay local'
'It is always important to stay local'

Chef Ranveer Brar has travelled across the world when it comes to learning culinary skills. Talking to Restaurant India, he says ‘creative self-expression’ is essential to overcome strain after working long hours in the kitchen.

On kitchen management

Kitchen management is an applied mix of resource utilisation (manpower and finance) and creative product development (concepts, menus and restaurants). It involves aspects more than management like creative conceptualisation and high levels of leadership, considering the large numbers of manpower and the varied strata and experience of the same.

On menu designing                    

The location and clientele are key aspects to consider for a new menu creation. The customer has to be given an understandable version of his/her food. We can be aspirational and creative with the menu as long as it is not a complete disconnect from our target clientele.

The other major factor to consider is the local produce and the culinary base of the area. It is always important to stay local with your ingredients and culinary outlook.

On licensing of food business operators

I think it is a great step to achieve consistency in taking the food business to next level. The FSSAI standards will allow us to choose our vendors with the sense of surety by making the industry more standardised.

On his skills

I learnt Kebab making from Munir Ahmed, a seasoned craftsman of this art, in the streets of Lucknow, and I acknowledged the same in my cooking. Chicago and New York have influenced me the most when it comes to creating a culinary outlook for me. At the same time, creative self-expression is essential for me and a big stress buster. So when I have long stretches of monotonous hours in the kitchen.

On the journey

In today’s world, television is a big medium of self-expression; it has definitely allowed me to express my relationship with food in a better way. I am also planning to open a restaurant of my own but I am just waiting for the right city.

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