It's always a challenge to ensure that we get the product right- Ashwin Jain, Instapizza
It's always a challenge to ensure that we get the product right- Ashwin Jain, Instapizza

There are many Pizza brands in the country today. How much competition do you see from them?

Though it is, indeed, a very competitive market, we provide customers with a unique experience and product offering. By doing so, we attract a loyal customer base who tend to come back again and again. So, in general, we do not compete with anyone.

What special offers do you provide to attract customers?

We don't provide offers as much as innovations. Our two main innovations are our pricing model and product distribution. For example, we offer customers the ability to choose unlimited toppings with no extra charges; this is something totally unique to us in pizza. Also, our products are very different, for example, we're the only ones that do a real, monstrous Deep Dish pizza that can weigh up to 1.5 kilos and give a very satisfying experience.

What are the challenges you face at the time of numerous online orders and delivery?

It's always a challenge to ensure that we get the product right, and on time, and very consistently, to our customers. We're constantly working on improving our training, systems and procedures to ensure that we're able to deliver the right experience every time.

How are you Indianising the different types of international dishes according to the preference of the customers?

Given our model of unlimited toppings, it's easy for anyone to customise the dishes to suit their palates. We see a lot of our customers who prefer Indian flavours adding toppings like green chillies, capsicum, paneer and chicken tikka. However, at the same time, we also see a lot of our customers who prefer more Italian or American flavours by ordering things like sundried tomatoes, black olives, fresh basil, rosemary and chorizo sausage.

What's great about Instapizza is that it basically makes the pizza a blank canvas for your tastes and preferences.

Which product is your most revenue generating variety? What is the reason behind the same?

Both, create your own pizzas and deep dish pizzas are most popular. The reason is they are our most unique dishes.

How are you marketing it right to your customer? Who is your target?

Generally, we are very active on social media. Our target is anyone who loves pizza!

What is your expansion plan in terms of numbers of outlet and cities?

We plan to grow the number of outlets aggressively in NCR.

Are you planning to sign any franchisee deal?

Not at the moment, we are only opening company-owned stores. We find that franchising leads to a decline in quality and service. Maintaining a high standard of food and service are our main priorities right now.

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