Local Store Marketing: Creating Success for Restaurants
Local Store Marketing: Creating Success for Restaurants

It’s not only the food that attracts a customer when he/she is out eating at a restaurant. There are many more things that need to be taken care of other than serving a good food. And it comes from building strong Local Store Marketing (LSM).

If a restaurateur wants to successfully run its business, then he/she needs to have a defined process to expand his/her brand across the country and regions. Restaurants like Lite Bite Foods, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s, Moti Mahal and others have adopted various strategies to smoothly function their brand operation in the country. LSM is one such activity which is very helpful in successfully running a business. “Branding and mass medium like radio and television are the two most important aspects in creating good local store marketing for your brand,” says Sanjeev Razdan, GM, Yum Restaurants India.

Get Involved with the Locals

Many a times, experts believe that LSM is more than just advertising and marketing your products. It is a personal experience for which your customer has approached you. LSM, also known as neighbourhood marketing, is a marketing term that refers to the application of different variables in a restaurant business comprising of localised specifications including the consumer, competition and outlet characteristics. As per Chef Julia Carmen Desa, Owner, Tres Restaurant, “Local store marketing is a personalised experience, managing the local and regular customer through word of mouth is most important.”

The key to any effective marketing program is focus, and LSM is no exception.

LSM in restaurant space involves focusing on the target customer in a particular area. Finding suitable customers according to the offerings is called LSM, which will strengthen your food business – i.e., what type of food or cuisine is missing in the region? Is the local customer demanding delivery options? Does the region come in midnight food delivery grip?

For Example, global brands like Domino’s, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s have localised their products according to the tastes of Indians. They are using more vegetables and paneer products rather than pork and beefs in India.

LSM always tend to disseminate a focused message to its target customers. “Giving incentives and best deals to customers so that they come to you more often is LSM,” says Dev Amritesh, COO and President, Dunkin Donuts India.

Experts believe that LSM caters to defining the simple idea one wants to communicate to the target customers. However, there are three primary elements of a good local-store marketing program:

1)      Partnerships

2)      Personal Selling

3)      Public Relations

Not only this, experts say that LSM needs to understand how do you ask your customers to come to you? How would you catch the attention of your customers? What are the key elements for the same?

Hence, we can say that LSM is all about building new customers and showering good deals and offers to existing ones so that they come to you more often as sucdcesful brands like Domino's, McDonald's and Pizza Hut amongst other are practicing in India.

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