"Making good food is one challenge but consistency in food is more important"

When did you plan to enter into the food business?

I was born and brought up in an agricultural family. Everyone in my family is very passionate about food. My dad expired when I was 14 and hence I started working at an early age of 17. When I grew up I thought why I can’t start a restaurant as my love for food was always there. I was already into the business for last 10 years. And, hence I opened my first restaurant - Pirates of Grill in Rajaouri Garden as I wanted to create a trademark and inculcate my love and identity through this brand.

What were the challenges you faced growing your business?

Initially, it was pretty much exciting but very challenging because what we think that restaurant will work on good food in initial times but in real it is one angle as people come to a restaurant for good food but there are other dynamics which needs to be right, service, furniture, staffs are all very important. Making good food is one challenge but how do you make the consistency in food is more important.

From where did you get the investment?

I was working for almost 10 years so it was my savings that came handy while opening the restaurant.

How many outlets are you operating presently? What is the expansion plan?

We are operating 5 outlets- 3 in Delhi NCR and one each in Jammu and Chandigarh. We will be opening our next outlet in Ludhiana.

Tell us about your new concept Prankster?

Prankster- is always up to fun on food, service, and ambience and over all fun. The new concept is based on all these four dimensions. The ambience is like a college of around 10000 sq ft. The space is like a college canteen, a mixology room, an ampi theatre and a parking lot. So, that people can eat and drink what we use to eat at college time, presented with a twist and to keep up with the modern cuisine and evolving taste buds.

Where can we see this outlet opening?

The first outlet is opening in July at Sector 29 market Gurgaon.

Why Gurgaon over Delhi and Noida?

Prankster is all about touching up the life of people. Gurgaon is the market which is filled up with corporate people and we know the market very well because we have been there for four years. It’s a dynamic market and customers are highly evolved.

Tell us about your global expansion? Number of outlets in India in next few years?. Domestically we would like to target Mumbai and Bengaluru as two cities and Internationally- Dubai. 

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