Our core focus is on modern Indian food- Prasoon Gupta, Sattviko
Our core focus is on modern Indian food- Prasoon Gupta, Sattviko

Sattviko was started in early 2014 by two IIT- Roorkee alumni, Prasoon Gupta and Ankush Sharma, who have brought their tech-efficiency in building this restaurant chain. After almost 22 months of successfully running four outlets in Delhi, the vegetarian chain is poised to expand its services in other cities. It has also partnered with Call A Meal, a Jaipur based, delivery start-ups to bet big on business. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

What is the amount that you have put in to buy Call A Meal?

We are not in the position to disclose the amount right now. We may disclose it in next few months.

How many outlets you are operating presently? What is the expansion plans look like?

We are running four outlets in Delhi, opening another four in next four month and we are also opening Jaipur and IIT-Roorkee by next quarter and then we will enter Mumbai and Bengaluru by next year.

Our core focus is on modern Indian food and we have also brought master chefs Bhakti Arora on our board to design the whole menu.

You are serving a mix of cuisine. Do you find it difficult or interesting to play around flavours?

I think there is difficulty in every start-ups but the product should be really good that it is liked by the people you target. We have celebrity chef on board so we are confident that we surely will make our customers happy. Who are your target customers?

Anyone who is in between 35-45 years and the white collar people who have the basic sense of what is good and what is bad for them and who try and love adventurous food is our main target.

What will be the contribution of Call A Meal in making your delivery a successful business idea?

Call A Meal is already doing a great job in Jaipur, and we think that they will really help us in achieving big in delivery orders and revenue.

In the last few months we have seen several food-start ups focusing on delivery and healthy food shutting their doors. What according to you is the main reason?

The traditional way in India to do any business is unit economics and somehow when one get huge amount of funding and they do not know how to scale a business they move to multiple cities without even setting up a proper base kitchen in one city. So, it’s all about unit economics and its is a business which really needs to focus on profitability. And, I believe that the start-ups who have closed their business are all sitting in the same category.

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