Our marketing strategy is to understand customer's desires: Piyush Mathur
Our marketing strategy is to understand customer's desires: Piyush Mathur

In the past years, the demand of the beverages was not high but in the recent times we are seeing an immense change in the entire market scenario, according to the India Food Report 2016, the market for beverages in India is close to 1, 95,000 Cr and is growing at a rate of 20–23 per cent. As the beverage industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian market and it is expected to grow at a steady pace till the year 2020.  With the immense growth in beverage sector there’s one more brand which is stepping in India. After setting a benchmark in Dubai, Heilo Beverages Pvt. Ltd. is launching Peaur in India.

In conversation with Restaurantindia.in, Piyush Mathur, Founder and Managing Director, Heilo Beverages Pvt. Ltd talks about the brand’s marketing strategy and future plans.

As you know India has a huge market for beverages, what keeps Peaur beverages apart from other competitor brands?
Our philosophy is “More in Every Drop” that keeps us apart from our competitors. We are driven to provide the purest form of beverage across categories. For our natural mineral water there is no purification process involved so nothing is added or removed from the point of extraction. Water in the bottle is the same water extracted from the source. Every drop of Peaur is untouched! It comes straight from the banks of River Ganges from extraction to packaging everything happens at Rishikesh with highest levels of hygiene standards. Our extraction plant and the packaging unit are close to avoid the entry of any impurities in our products.

Even our juices that we provide to our customers is as pure and natural as it can get with no adulteration or added chemicals, we do not use any added flavors and the packaging is also one of a kind, we use UV protected steel can containers to keep the product safe from impurities and away from any risk of contamination.

How the idea behind the brand incepted?
Peaur is not just a fancy logo or a badge as a brand. My ideology as a member of Hielo Beverages India is to provide the beverage which interacts, engages and be merited on the basis of its quality and the panache factor. Peaur is one such discovery that evolves and extends as a rage to emerge as the finest producer of premium natural drinks in India including but not limited to natural mineral water, natural nectar based fruit juices, natural flavored vitamin rich water and sparkling water as its spread of winged varieties.

Being new in Indian market, how you’re planning to expand the roots of your brand in F&B industry? 
The assured future plans and as a practice as I say will keep sipping Peaur. And as the growth demands after addressing to the commitment in India by tapping promising market of Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities, we shall explore and make India proud with our Peaur products globally. As per the market trends and needs we stand open for all sorts of marketing and collaboration that makes Peaur reach and emerges as a need of every mankind. Hielo Beverages India Private Limited is an organization which determines to contribute the industry of Food and Beverages in India. Hielo Beverages India takes pride in addressing the society and the consumers by offering the finest assortment of high grade-high purity products via Peaur.

In current scenario beverage sector is on the higher side, what major challenges do you see in the market to grow?
As I express, challenges makes you deliver the best out of you. Having said that I took the challenge of touching the industry which conveys the risk and adaptation to self and the organization that may emerge as a harsh encounter while organizing and structuring the thought into the invention of the Peaur-fect (perfect) product. The major challenge was to help people distinguish between packaged drinking water and natural spring mountain water with its benefits to the mankind as a high rich mineral contributor to the soul.

Addressing, the fruit juices where every whiff and granule is naturally sourced adding no adulterants, preservatives, and chemicals was to be educated to the end consumers. In a nutshell, positioning and selling a premium range and a priced beverage in India was not going to be an easy task, but with our determination and commitment to create a healthy world being in future we take this challenge as our pride.

What quality standards you’re maintaining in your beverages? How & where they got manufactured?
We at Peaur strive to provide our customers with a variety of beverages that suit their needs and consumption. We have various products across different categories, firstly, Natural Mineral water that is available in 250ml, 500ml and a 1-litre bottle. We have also introduced sparkling water packaged in a luxurious glass bottle. We would be launching our Fruit Juices in a variety of flavors such as mixed fruit, peach, apple and mango in 200ml and 240ml bottles. Finally to cater to the health conscious and fitness enthusiasts we have Vitamin water product available in a standard 500ml bottle.

A good packaging is extremely essential from a utility point of view to ensure the product quality is maintained through transportation. Further, an attractively packaged product has the power to influence the purchasing decision of the customer. A lot of purchases made in the FMCG category are driven by impulse, therefore a good quality and attractive packaging goes a long way in connecting with the consumers.

A FMCG manufacturer must ensure that the packaging can protect the products from getting damaged from the pollutants in present in the environment. Also, the packaging must be done in the most hygienic condition with good quality material.

What will be the price range of the products?
PEAUR has to offer so much to the community through its Natural Mineral Water available in 250ml, 500ml packaging sizes while meeting the international standards for domestic consumption and separate packaging is done for exporting the goods at international platforms. For 1 liter PET bottle of Natural Mineral Water pricing at rupees 80.

Our premium products are also available in Sparkling Natural Mineral Water available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter packed in PET bottles and Nectar Based Fruit Juices available in the flavors of Peach, Orange, Pineapple, Alphonso Mango at rupees 50 for 240ml packed in cans. For 1 liter PET bottle of Sparkling Natural Mineral Water pricing at rupees 160.

What will be the marketing strategy in the initial phase? Do share the other phases too.
Our marketing strategy is to understand customer’s desires and their way of living for which strings to connectivity is quintessential. By getting in constant touch with our customers keep us assured that it is done in the best possible way. Distributing PEAUR tomajor departmental stores and online portals throughout the country and in international platforms as well is the current strategy that we hold within all the teams and departments.

A few key cities where we will be distributing PEAUR are Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and more to explore, overseas distribution strategy being one of the strategies.

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