People want to eat healthy, nutritious food- Chef Morwani
People want to eat healthy, nutritious food- Chef Morwani

What according to you is the latest trend in the F&B industry? And which cuisine you find is exciting in the world?

One of the hottest trends in world in terms of cuisine for the last couple of years has been molecular gastronomy. Another trend hot around the world is, ‘speak easy’ bars with mixologists taking centre stage. These are people who have mastered the art of blending, shaking, stirring and infusing drinks and alcohol with unbelievable combinations and complex garnish preparations. Besides this, social networking and craft brewing is another trend ruling the Indian F&B segment.

​​I love food plain and simple. There is no cuisine that I tend to lean towards and I think the future of cooking does not lie in any one cuisine but in taking the best of many cuisines and creating your own distinct flavours.

How has the shift changing in the eating habits of consumers in India?

The Indian consumer is becoming more and more sophisticated, demanding and knowledgeable about food. This has come through travel, international exposure and also because of media. People want to eat healthy, nutritious food without compromising on taste. 

Do you think that the global brands that are entering India will follow the same food regulations as they follow in their own country?

Most of the brands will follow the same regulations, if not all global brands comply by their respective brand manuals. The brand manuals contain most possible scenarios that may come up during operations and have a standard operating procedure in each event. I do feel they would need to adapt their menu options to local tastes and strategies will also have to be realigned due to religious boundaries present in our country. Beyond this, I do not see why they would have to modify their standards and regulations. 

How do you design menu at your restaurants? What are the essentials that need to be taken care of when managing a kitchen?

When it comes to menu planning, there is no paragraph that would do justice to this science. This being said we at Brewbot take into consideration local tastes, preferences, availability of produce and season. We try and provide a spectrum of flavours through our menu and try and stay as true to food as possible. The only time we adapt a few recipes is when we feel we can truly bring out more in a particular dish by doing so.

Managing a kitchen is challenging affair, it is not for everyone. Working in the kitchen, is working in a high pressure environment. Every plate matters and the most important thing is stay focused, calm and keep your head in the game.

You are experts in American and European food. What would you comment on the authenticity of these foods served in Indian restaurants?

In few cases, restaurants that claim to be serving American and European food have completely adapted the originals and in some cases the dish that arrives to the table has nothing to do with the name on the menu. 

According to you, how is supply chain helpful in expansion of a brand?

For the growth of any brand it is essential as well critical to have a well structured supply chain. It is not only connected with bringing down costs through centralised purchases but also linked to consistency and constant availability. To put it simply a building that has a strong foundation might cost more but without a doubt it will rise to the sky as long as you build it but without a strong base it shall feel pressure as it rises and chances are that it may crumble after a point. 

What according to you is the right recipe for food business in India?

hahahaha, well it is definitely not a formula. There is no algorithm to success, but there are definitely some qualities that a person should have. I believe, these qualities are the willingness to work without looking at a clock. It is being dedicated to a cause, a belief, to act when required and to learn and knowledge of the workings of the trade and most importantly having the right team.

What do you do to bring out the best flavours in your cooking?

To bring out the best flavours in the food, we focus on sourcing the best ingredients available. We are dedicated to using the best of the best available. We even have our own farms growing some of the produce and most of the herbs used at the restaurant. Beyond this we use the best practices implemented internationally in establishments around the world in terms of food production, preparation and storage. 

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