Re-invent, re-invest in customer & tech is the new mantra for restaurant owners
Re-invent, re-invest in customer & tech is the new mantra for restaurant owners

We have seen that dining rooms, restaurants and fine-dine establishments are getting themselves repurposed or what we call it modify as per the need and demand of the customers. Researches also suggests that consumer demands for convenience and seamless digital experiences are continuously on the rise, and people are looking at these options when dining out.

And, there is always a question that runs behind the same on how restaurants can elevate customer experiences to meet the demand of ever evolving guest? And, the answer always is convenience which has become the top most priority, driven by tech-led experiences and safety as an utmost important consideration.













Quick Delivery driven by Tech-innovation is the new Motto

“People are making more spontaneous decisions and are going backward in terms of planning especially in terms of decisions like quick delivery etc where you have a service provider who can guarantee shorter time frame, more value driven purchases and that’ going to be the optimum choice for a customer today where this is helping the restaurant or rather the sales point let it be tech developer who is understanding the mind of the customer who is taking spontaneous decision,” shared Pawan Shahri, Co-Founder at Chrome Hospitality that operate new age restaurants like London Taxi, Donna Deli to name a few. According to him, these customers will be re-targeted by more brands who are coming into the purview of shorter delivery time. So, yes the earlier you adopt a particular tech and understand how you can penetrate the space for your business is going to be the winner.

Data is the King

Restaurants have taken a big use of data in the last 2-3 years when it comes to include more feedback, experience driven innovation at their venture. Not just QSRs but restaurants across segments and concepts have taken note of this as a major game changer in their business.

“As everybody knows that data is king but the kind of restaurant we operate is that our data is so experience driven as we are not in a quick service, delivery model but our information is targeted to a targeted audience. Analyzing the data at every point, who is entering the store, who is buying it online so that we can enhance the SEO. But it’s important on how you can convert that data into really becoming your audience,” pointed shared Aditi Dugar of Masque Restaurant that is not just a normal restaurant but a dining destination focusing a lot on local, seasonal produces and ingredients.

The experts also discussed the importance of data, technology-led businesses, loyalty and how important it is for a restaurant business to succeed.

Why Loyalty is important?

Commenting on the same, Syesha Kapoor, Associate Director at Silver Beach Entertainment & Hospitality that runs hip restaurants like Estella, Radio Bar and the newly launched Akina to mention a few pointed, “Loyalty is both yes and no because we have so many restaurants and most of them are in sub-urb. But as we have data for all our restaurants and I would know by faces of customers/ people who would come to our restaurant regularly. And, I also know a section who always want to try something new and as new places are opening, lots of exciting thing happening, innovation is taking place. So, while we have a section who always come to try our experience as end of the day product has to be the king and the loyalty will keep getting multiplied but if not they won’t come again.”

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