How This Brand in Jhansi is Encouraging Ayurvedic Approach to Eating Food
"We encourage the guest to follow the basic concept of meal portion as in Ayurveda, wherein half of the appetite should be solid food, quarter…
Are Restaurants Ready for Specially-abled Employees
Before starting the process of training, a detailed role mapping exercise is generally done to understand the roles that these employees can take up.
Human touch will always be the part of restaurant biz," says restaurateurs at Restaurant India Awards Hyderabad
The show witnessed participation from across the sector and welcomed more than 250 people in attendance.
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Food and beverages companies that lured the sharks of the Shark Tank India
The global jams and preserves market is expected to reach 8.46 billion dollars in 2021 and its rate is growing significantly, by 2026 it may reach 9.…
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8 March - Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru
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8-9 March - Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru
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FROEXPO Hyderabad
16-17 March - Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad
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Restaurant Awards 2024 Mumbai
19 Mar - Hotel Trident, Mumbai
Restaurant Awards 2024 Mumbai
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How Restaurant Management System could change the Restaurant industry
Additionally, in the world of multiple payment systems such as UPI, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash, even the most complicated collections on each…
What does financial wellness now mean for restaurants
F&B businesses have now trimmed down variable costs and menu offerings basis the 80-20 philosophy to increase revenue per square feet and per…
How far we have come with the street food business
It is also desirable that those who sell food on the streets adhere to basic standards of hygiene, after all, there is nothing romantic about…
What the current state of restaurant industry looks like
Home delivery has also become a very serious and competitive business over the past year and it will continue to grow.
Restaurants standing up for the nation, what is the nation doing for them?
Not to forget that, most restaurants in India and around the world work on slim 10 to 15 percent EBITDA margins with hardly three weeks of cash flow.
What does restaurant recruitment in Covid world looks like
It is being estimated that over two million people directly employed in the sector may be rendered jobless.
Food safety and Indian restaurants
Food safety has always been a topic of major focus for policy-makers in India.
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  • / 5 MIN READ