A Culinary Experience to Delight the Taste Buds
In one of the finest gastronomic experiences hosted in Delhi, Together at 12th from Gurugram and Nadodi Restaurant collaborated to dish out an…
"The Menus Have Become Shorter Now"
At a tete-a-tete with Abishek Gupta, the executive sous chef at Leela, who interned at the famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, he spoke about his…
How Railway Stations are Becoming New Face of Travel Retail
The very way that people consume food while travelling by trains has been transformed with the launch of Rail Dhabas at stations.
How Travel is becoming Food & Beverage Industry's Next Frontier
Profits aside, having one's brand showcased at an airport, national or international, is a matter of great exclusivity.
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How Travel Retail is changing the Food Retail Biz
Airport retail is expanding at a very fast pace as souvenirs shops, luxury goods to F&B outlets and other brand experiences.