"Technology has Made the Restaurant Business More Exciting", Yogesh Wagh

The restaurant industry has come a long way from paper order ticket systems. Many may not realize the enormous amount of technology restaurants utilize. With leveling up the Restaurant business, 81% of restaurants use POS (point of sale) restaurant technologies, making the Restaurant business even more sophisticated.

Talking to  RestaurantIindia, Yogesh Wagh, Director, OneGreenDiary Software Pvt Ltd tells us how technology has simplified single and multi-outlet retail, food and beverages workflows, enabling real time go live with little or no operational overheads for business owners.

Tell us about your brand.

OneGreenDiary Software has been serving QSRs for over 2 years now. We have closely studied the intricacies of standalone and multi-outlet QSR business and developed POS for scalable QSR businesses. It is one of the most advanced, easy to use and quickest POS application in the market. Rise is exactly what QSR needs, it is more than POS but not as overwhelming as ERP. Rise drastically enhances the efficiency of cashier, cuts down the long customer queue and keeps the counter neat and clean. Rise makes highly stressful QSR outlet operation smooth and easy.

How has Technology overtaken the Restaurant business today?

This is probably the most exciting time for Restaurant business as far as technology is concerned. Businesses have adopted the cloud-based applications and moved from legacy standalone offline softwares and electronics cash register. Cloud-based applications have increased the customer efficiency as technical support now can be managed over remote access. A lot of manual work or paper work has been digitized and it has improved the efficiency of business by reducing the human errors and enhanced the speed of communication. Fast growing Fintech technologies have made it easy for consumers to pay within app, over SMS and digital wallets. Delivery companies have accelerated the growth of dark kitchens by which consumers get the food delivered at the doorstep, whereas restaurants now have minimal operational overheads.   The android POS hardware leader SUNMI and iPads have changed the way POS software has been used.

What are the solutions provided to your customers?

We provide completely wireless POS solution where the only connected cable is power supply to printer. Even that can be avoided by using our digital receipts over email and SMS.  Rise POS by OneGreenDiary works on iPad, android smartphone, android tablets, SUNMI hardware, windows computer, Mac and even on Linux. Rise POS has no hardware dependency.

Rise provides detailed customer insights as soon as customer is in the outlet such as last visit by customer, reward points, favorite items and whether the customer is regular, big ticket or returning after a break.

Business owners and managers have Back Office web access to remotely monitor and drill down the business with analytics, stock and even raw inventory purchase and distribution between outlets.

Dedicated reports app keeps business owner always updated with sales, cancellation, discounts, orders and customer’s summary.

Tell us the entire process.

We start with the consumer information first, Rise POS has probably the simplest user interface to capture consumer information. Checking out consumer is easy, quick and smart with multiple split payment options and flexibility to add more payment types. In case of multi-outlet setups, production can be managed from the central kitchen. Consolidated production ticket can be created in a single click and delivery challans can be printed with GST compliance in a click of a button. Order, entering, returning or even transferring stock from one outlet to another is very simple and a single click process.

Who are their clients?

We have hundreds of QSR businesses using our iPad, android and browser based POS solution. To name a few, Chocolate Biclate, it’s a chain of bakeries, Midnight Kakery, it’s a cake studio, Cream Craft, the ice cream experts, Modern Chinese,  a chinese fast food outlet, Paramhans, Delicia cafeteria and many more

How is their technology different from others in the segment?

Unlike other applications, Rise POS has iOS, android and PC versions developed natively for respective operating systems and hardwares. Although we are cloud-based application, we support offline functionalities and intermittent internet connections without any hiccups. We have highly scalable platform which allows merchant to have complete control over the entire platform and setup a pop up outlet in matter of minutes.

What are your expansion plans?

We are growing rapidly and currently focusing on Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Kolhapur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda. We receive lot of requests from all over India but we are doing one step at a time for now. 

How does your brand overcome the challenges faced by QSR?

Rise POS is synonym to QSR. Rise POS is made for QSR to simplify customer handling and better utilization of space at the counter. For QSR of 10-15 outlets, Rise cuts down at least 2 man months cost for a business for managing counter and Back Office operations

How restaurants are managing their business by this software?

Some of QSRs do 1000 to 1500 checkouts in 12 hours without being stressed out.

Multi-outlet chains now not only are able to manage swift operations at the outlets, but Back Office operation and coordination with outlets are way simpler. No more stressful end of the day paper work, Rise manages it all, now close your day with a single click and come back for brand new fresh day.

Tell us about the future use of Technology in the Restaurant business.

We see amalgamation of different applications in coming days. It is now need of an hour to have POS application and digital payment to be connected seamlessly. This will further have integration with finance and banking companies which should enable easy evaluation of merchants to raise growth funds. We are already seeing NBFIs, digital wallets and payment companies willing to be a part of POS. It is also a need of an hour to have food delivery companies to be a part of POS which is kind of pain area for business owners to do the conciliation every day. With cloud-based approach and use of artificial intelligence, it will be easy to predict consumer choices accurately and upsell better. We also expect surge in adoption of tablet-based POS solution as hardware cost will substantially come down with aggressive push from leaders like Apple and Sunmi.

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