These restaurants are all set to introduce their summer specials
These restaurants are all set to introduce their summer specials

1) Cafe Yell

Defence Colony’s brand new offering Café Yell is a new age boutique cafe  founded by Vipul and Divya Gupta. The duo, whose names are synonymous with the premium clothing label 'Yell' and the Rajasthani specialty restaurant 'Kathputli', have started this brand new venture in the form of an italian style cafe that focuses quite simply on excellent coffee, great food and hospitable serviceare introducing something new for the exhausting heat that accompanies with the summer weather in Delhi! 


There will be some changes to the show window to make their interiors in compliance with the weather. Right now the cafe uses have woollen balls which will be changed into something vibrant and summer related. It will introduce more summer coolers and ice-infused drinks. Their first addition to it would be the water-melon mojito.

2) Big Yellow Door

The door to awesome foodiness! A classy cafe with warm and welcoming ambiance along with brilliant food. A place where weight watching becomes a mouth watering delight. A super-hit between the college lads and a value for money place. Here is what your favourite cafe near your college is introducing in its summer menu!

The cafe is all set to introduce in some summer vibes with their refreshing mocktails, served in a way you might not have seen before and some more pastas, with a very summerish feel. It will have a fresh and zingy flavour; you might as well have it sitting on a beach with a Cosmo in your hands. Now name one person who is not curious after hearing this!

3) Gastronomica

Gastronomica by Sumit Goyal is an attempt to take hospitality back to its roots; honest and evocative food. The focus is a refined culinary experience, not defined by the borders of a particular cuisine as it elucidates the art of delicious food with a holistic experience that is unbounded by any limitations of the palate – adventurous cooking wrapped in pure indulgence and they are having a blast of summer friendly food for us this year.

The restaurant will make changes to its balcony seating area by covering it so that people still get a feel of sitting outside without the actual warmth of the sun. They will be making it air conditioned but don’t worry, you can still enjoy the view it gives. Other than that, abiding by its words to cater on hospitality, it will hand over cool-rose-scented towels to all those who come in. This is a sure way to beat the heat. For the foodies who have been so patient as to read all above, the restaurant will use a lot of ingredients that are summer friendly in their drinks and food recipes. A few of their new launches will include melon-refreshers, lassi, salads and cold soups served especially at day time. Don’t just go drooling over it yet! The dinner menu will go summerish as well and will include chicken and fish dishes to keep it light on the stomach avoiding red meat dishes.

4) Piali- The Curry Bistro

Designed with the most contemporary architecture, wooden furnishings, an artificial fireplace and incandescent lighting, Piali’s guests- both young and old- will remember it as a cosy dining place for family gatherings and a vibrant youthful place for pleasant evenings to be spent after college. Piali is a curry bistro and is rightly named so. One can choose from over 50 varieties of curries from across the world under one roof. So let’s get going with what they have to offer us this summer!

The restaurant will dim its lighting making all of us feel cosier than ever! After all the heat and the blinding rays of sun, this is exactly what we needed! They will also offer Kara Wipes to every person entering the restaurant, clean up your face and sit back and relax for their menu is sure to give your taste buds a chilly ride. Fresh and cool salads using fruits like papaya and watermelon are being introduced to beat the heat in this already hot summer weather. Mocktails like Thandai, fresh fruit juices of pomegranate, water melon and orange are also being introduced to take your senses through a pleasant ride. The gravies will be all coconut based and the brand new addition to their desserts pallet would be rice cheese. If this isn’t the coolest menu then what will be!

5) The Masala Trail

A hygienic place to get all the street food your heart desires. The Masala Trail-serves an array of street specialties from different corners of India. From Old Delhi’s bedmi aloo subzi and Agra ke paraanthe to Banaarsi tamatar ki chaat, Gujrati panki, Kerala style appam and stew and thupka from North-East, the choice is vast. Osama Jalali, tells all about his ideas to make your summers breezy.

It is hard to imagine that even the street food can turn summer friendly, isn’t it! But do not get discouraged, The Masala Trails comes to your rescue. By introducing foods that are light on stomach the place does us much good . The owner believes that the dishes should not just be cool for your tongue but light on your stomach and cool for your body as well. They should work in a way so as to not raise your body temperature and therefore, the cafe introduces recipes based on ingredients such as ‘daal’. The dishes and the taste will remain same but will have a cooling effect on your body. New launches will include Sattu-ka-Sharbat, lassi and aam-panna which, going by their legacy, are famous street foods that are specially made for summers.

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