This Bengaluru based Brand is giving a New Definition to Coffee
This Bengaluru based Brand is giving a New Definition to Coffee

Talk to us about Bayar’s Coffee starting from the early 70s.

My father started this business way back in 1970’s at a very small outlet. The prime motive was to serve local people with good quality coffee in south Bangalore. Slowly and steadily things got in favor of him and the brand began to witness many new customers. Over the years we have introduced lot of technologies for the production of coffees. In fact we have a strict process for selection and monitoring of the quality of coffee we have. We are the only coffee roasting company which is BRC certified. All this has helped us to maintain the quality and to carry forward the legacy which my father has left for us.

How are you taking the legacy forward?

With time we are just trying to increase the loyalty, trust and confidence of our customers continuously. With time we have expanded ourselves into retail outlets available in the city and also trying to mark our presence in the online market like Amazon, big basket etc. We also have some exclusive blends for the entire coffee chains which we are catering to across India. We joined the business in early 1900s, until then it was just a small enterprise. After joining the company we expanded and increased in terms of production and branding. Earlier, the business was personality driven but we changed that trend by making it a more product driven company. Relationship is the key element in our company. But we never compromise with the consistency and our quality product.

How are you building quality products?

We have set up a lab in our company that takes care about the quality of the products in terms of the purchase sample. We also work with the farmers who provide us with the coffee beans and giv them feedbacks regarding the right process to do things to maintain the quality.  It's a mutual effort helping us to get the best product. We also have a strict process of selecting and purchasing the beans. Once it reaches our company godown, our work of roasting and monitoring starts. We are also experimenting with the products like our recently launched ready-to-use liquid coffee. This product is much superior in quality as compared to the instant coffee. This experiment has been accepted by the people and we are eager to provide them with more such quality products.

What is the market presence and distribution of your company?

We have market presence in the retail segment throughout Karnataka and some parts of Tamil Nadu. Whereas, in the specialty segment we have pan India market presence. We are also tying up with cafe chains.

Why not establish your own café despite having such a great presence across the country?

We have thought about this several times. But we finally concluded that we want to do what we are best in which is manufacturing the best quality of coffee for our customers. I’m supporting the cafes around the country but not thinking to own one for the time being. 

Are you also supplying your products to the hotels and restaurants?

Yes we have been doing that for a long time as it struck as a nice idea to us. We are also providing our products to some of the self service outlets,caterers, hospitals and offices which has a very large consumption.

What is the monthly sale of your coffee?   

We do about thousand tons of coffees per annum inclusive of the front segment of the coffee category.

What are the different varieties of products you supply?

We have a huge variety in terms of product range. There are about 28 different varieties catered and we also make different blends for different segments as per their requirements. Pure Arabica blends and South Indian Chikari blends are some of the varieties that we provide. So, basically we have different blends for different markets.

How about the International presence?

We are serving to people having an Indian restaurant abroad. Also, our product is exported to few colleges who want to have our product served.

How do you price your products?

Things are very competitive in terms of pricing. The pricing totally depends on the market.

What are the expansion plans?

We approximately have 20-22 outlets in Karnataka. We are also planning to take it to other parts of the country where we can provide them with our products. We are also getting into tie-ups with premium malls and shopping complexes where we can sell our products. This is our plan for extending our business. We are also looking for good brands which are located internationally so that we can expand to other countries too. 

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