This Cafe is an Amalgamation of Experience and Culture
This Cafe is an Amalgamation of Experience and Culture

At a time when the country’s culinary landscape is evolving at an accelerated pace. From fusion food, to microbreweries and restaurants serving gluten-free and vegan food, there’s barely anything left to imagination. However, when it comes to coffee, there is a huge void, which this Delhi-based café is trying to fill. Inspired by the concept of guests having an entire coffee drinking experience not limited to just a cup, Paweena and Baninder have created a minimalistic, sophisticated yet homely space with a Nordic vibe called Savorworks Roasters that brings to the Capital a dream space for the lovers of La Dolce Vita or the good life!

The café will be a one-stop-shop for a never seen before bean to bar and bean to cup experience located at Delhi’s most upmarket addresses Chattarpur. Excerpts from the interview:

What was the whole idea behind creating this bean to bar concept?

We wanted to create an experience for the people. We dream of creating a better tasting world with our artisanal imaginary 

We see that with time India has welcomed experiential restaurants/dining concepts. What has brought this change?

Zeal to experiment and breaking the monotony is the reason behind India welcoming experiential restaurants/ dining concepts. People want to see and experience something new and different that plays more around the imagination and creativity.

What was the top USP in your mind when deciding the location for the kind of concept as mostly coffee has been directly brewed at cafes in India?

We wanted our place to be the "Destination ". We wanted people to experience the bean to cup and bean to bar experience under the same roof.

From where do you source the finest coffee beans for the handcrafted coffee, chocolates?

Our coffees and chocolates are sourced from the award winning and finest estates around India. We source our coffees from Riverdale and Ratnagiri Estate. Both of which are the pioneers of Indian coffee around the world. Chocolate Beans are sourced from Anamalai region in Tamil Nadu and Idduki region in Kerala. Both the regions have won multiple awards in International Chocolate Awards 


Do you see any competitor in the segment?


There are some very fine companies out there doing a great work. But for us, it is our competition with our previous batch to ensure we are getting better and improving every day. It is all about serving an experience on the palate with every product of ours.


Are you also planning to tap the delivery model as we already see tea and coffee chains on delivery platforms?


Yes we do plan to start delivering soon. We would aoon be tying up with different platforms to do that.


What according to you is the biggest trend that will change the whole equation of restaurant business in India?


Serving experience, serving consistency and playing with imagination and creativity is going to be the next big trend in the Indian restaurant industry. We will see more and more restaurants in future adapting to this.


How have you designed the menu so that it suits best with the coffee and chocolates you serve?


Yes we had done extensive research before deciding the menu that would suit and pair well along with our coffee and chocolate. For example, Butter Croissant along with a hot cup of Cappuccino or Kough Amann with a Hot Pourover pairs really well on any given day.


What’s your view on veganism as a trend in India? Any plans to add vegan options on the menu?


Veganism as a health trend is on the rise and we see more and more people turning vegan in India. We also have few options for vegans in our menu. Infact all our dark chocolates are vegan and organic.


How much focused you are when it comes to designing of the restaurant as per the product it offer?


My wife happens to be an interior designer and architect and she was the one who designed the cafe. We wanted our cafe to be not the normal coffee bar but a place that serves experience. Design theme of the cafe solely revolves around it.


What’s your expansion plan?


Our immediate plans are to strengthen our product line and boost the production of coffees and chocolate. We want our chocolate and coffees to be accessible and available to everyone across the country. Expanding the cafes would only come when we have strengthened our core roots.


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