This Restaurant was Born Out of the Love for Regional Cuisines
This Restaurant was Born Out of the Love for Regional Cuisines

Umraan Regional is a regional Indian quick service restaurant brand under the portfolio of Yellow Tie Hospitality. This unique restaurant concept was based out of the love for regional food that the curator developed from his travels to Leh, Jodhpur, Kolkata to Southern regions during his trips.

Umraan Regional offers its guests a gastronomical journey to represent India’s varied culture and diversity. Umraan brings to the table the most authentic dishes, with flavours characteristic to different regions across India. To recreate the mom-made regional dishes to perfection, traditional cooking styles are implemented and each dish is infused with home grown spices and herbs.

Similar to the menu, the restaurant has been given a touch of Indian regional elements. The restaurant is designed to give the space a touch of ethnic Indian elements and contemporary details to bring in a classier yet traditional feel.

As soon as you step in to Umraan Regional, you will see elements from different regions of India on the glass door. The restaurant has outdoor seating with has been converted into a garden with glass table tops & premium fibre chairs in orange & black. The outdoor & indoor section of the restaurant is divided through a see-through glass wall. The restaurant has a ceiling-to-floor glass panel overlooking the outdoor seating. This allows room for ample of natural light to come into the restaurant. The glass wall has small earthen pots with fresh plants to give a refreshing look & feel to the place.


As you move inside, the door handle of the restaurant is done up with intricate wooden work sourced from Rajasthan. The interiors are done up with a pop of two colours- Orange, which is the original colour used for Umraan logo and a vibrant Blue.The entire decor has been done with hints of blues and orange along with delicate wooden details making the space look vibrant and traditional yet minimal.These colours are off-set by a monochrome wall with some traditional minimal moulding details and orange outlined figures depicting different people from different regions of India.


The side walls are done up in off-white shade and demarcated into sectionals which have been painted with regional Indian figurines depicting the theme & concept of the restaurant. The seating is simple yet contemporary. Each table is done up in delicate yet sturdy wooden design and the chairs are hand painted in black to add a little colour to the otherwise hues of orange & blue. The back section serves as the billing desk and also has an Indian map enlisting regional delicacies from different parts of the country.


The restaurant has a duplex seating available indoors. There is a stairway leading up to this top section of the restaurant which serves as a larger space for guests coming in bigger groups. The walls upstairs are adorned by beautiful wallpaper in shades of off-white & black Indian prints summing up the monochrome look.


Umraan Regional serves regional Indian cuisine and we wanted the restaurant to ‘look the part’ in an elegant way. To know more about Umraan Regional, visit

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