"To ensure the quality of food, we have contracts with Delhi's top most suppliers"

In an exclusive interview with Franchise India, Ashish Aneja talks about the business plan, the pros and cons of restaurant business and also the legalities that he went through while setting up his venture.

What made you open a restaurant?

Since college days only, I was very interested in hospitality business. I used to party a lot with my friends and was very much fascinated by the unique things that various restaurants and lounges used to offer do. So, just after my graduation, I was very clear in my mind that in later years I will be starting opening my own restaurant.

What business plan you made before starting the restaurant?

I always knew that if I am going to open any lounge or restaurant of my own, then itrestaurant it has to be at a prime location, with good ambience, delicious food, and warm service with perfect food quality, and the same I made as my business plan.

How did you decide on a location?

I used to come to G.K. II2 very often with my family and friends, and when we guys used to look for a place where we could sit and relax along over some nice food and drinks, there was no place as such. That’s why I decided why not to start my venture from here only so that other people should not face same problems which I used to.

Who is the investor in your restaurant?

There is no investor in this venture as such. It’s me and my partner, Mr.PremChugh who has invested money in this venture.

What are the pros and cons of restaurant business in India?

According to the Entrepreneur website, the number of food-service grew from about 155,000, 55,000 in the late 1970s to about 9, 00,000 as of 2013, according to the Entrepreneur website. The trend was expected to continue as busy people choose to eat out as opposed to taking the time to prepare meals at home. This means that the right restaurant at the right location can be a lucrative enterprise.

On the flipside, restaurants are not easy businesses to operate. You need to know the proper equipment to purchase and become versed in food-handling procedures and local health codes. You may also have to conduct extensive market research before taking the plunge to see if your particular specialty, such as Italian, seafood or something more exotic, including offering Indian or Thai cuisine will be accepted by the people in your area.

What are the legalities that a bar goes through before setting up?

Setting up of a bar is quite a difficult task as we outsource all the legalities related to it. But briefly few things are there that we have to take care of are:

1.         Licensing for drinks

2. Consulting architect, construction company, interior designer is required. Also you are going to require a team of experts to open you bar, depending on the size of the venue.

3. Meet liquor company representatives, to establish costs of liquor, beer, wine.

4. Hiring of a bar consultant.

What is the motive behind organising the Beer Competition? Who all are the target customers?

Mostly all the lounges and clubs in Delhi go for the basic “Oktoberfest” thing, but we wanted to do something unusual, that’s how we decided why not to invite people for a Beer Competition.

Our target will be all the people who have guts to stand till last in “Uber’s Beer Bash”.

What are the problems that a bar faces in comparison to a restaurant?

As such we haven’t faced any problem till date. But there are some basic problems that a bar faces in comparison to a restaurant: For bars, you have an age limit of and above 25 years. But for restaurants, there is no specific age limit and a bar gets a license to be open till 11pm or at maximum 12 ampm. But a restaurant can be opened till 1 am.

From where did you get the alcohol for your bar? Please name some suppliers.

We get our alcohol from our suppliers like UB Group, Pernod, DIAGEO, MODI, Brindco etc.

How do you decide what all brands to keep in your bar?

It’s a very important thing to keep in my mind if you are setting up a lounge or even a restaurant. We have designed our bar menu keeping in mind the profile of Uber Lounge. You will find all the expensive and top alcohol brands in our menu, as Uber Lounge itself represents “Above All”.

What are you doing to make your restaurant different from the crowd?

Our PR Team has designed very unique and special nights along with some fests which are different and new from the usual are. Also, we have kept our menu simple yet delicious.

What do you do to ensure the quality of food going out to the customer?

To ensure the quality of food, we have contracts with Delhi’s top most suppliers who make it a point that food quality will not be compromised at any stage. Also, we make sure that hHygienic food should be a prime factor in Uber Lounge along with our service.

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