Top Chef says how consumption of poultry will help in building strong immunity against Covid-19
Top Chef says how consumption of poultry will help in building strong immunity against Covid-19

With the spread of COVID-19 all over the globe and exponentially rising number of cases in India, the country has been struggling to cope up with the situation by taking all kinds of measures, one of them being minimising the intake of Poultry in the diets due to a lot of misinformation on the consumption of poultry at the moment.

“Coronavirus is not a foodborne disease and it is time we give a clean chit to chicken and bust all the myths related to its consumption. But yes I would not recommend going to a meat vendor to source fresh meat as they might not follow the hygiene standards while sourcing and selling meat.  However, the current trend of buying frozen meat online from a recognised brand is more advisable because of the trust factor that they have built as they strictly follow the FSSAI guidelines. All such meat selling delivery platforms make the chicken undergo different levels of testing and processes before placing them on the shelves,” shared Celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani.

In order to disband the on-going myths and rumours around the consumption of poultry, the Animal Husbandry commissioner from the Ministry of Animal Husbandry stated that the predominant route of the spread of the virus remains Human to Human, making it safe to consume poultry.

“Chicken is a great source of lean and low fat protein. It's also high in a lot of essential vitamins which makes it very important part of the diet in the current situation. Lot of breeders have moved to cage free and free range as they see a huge potential for these products in the future with consumers moving to healthier options.  As the world it moving to sustainable and conscious eating chicken contribute the least in terms of Carbon footprint when compared to other meats,” shared Chef Mir Zafar Ali, Executive Chef, The Leela Palace, Bangalore.

Also, there is a campaign running, Chicken Hai Safe advocacy is committed to spreading the same message to the masses along with spreading awareness about the nutritional value and importance of poultry in our diets.

As professionals in the field, we have always resorted to online meat suppliers for our requirements as frozen meat is a hit in the commercial kitchens. Frozen meat has equal nutritive quotient as the fresh meat and is comparatively more hygienic because of the layers of packaging and tests that it undergoes. However, the same is not the case with fresh meat. We always have our concerns and doubts regarding the vendors and the source of the fresh meat,” said Sabyasachi Gorai, Owner, Lavaash by Saby.

Commenting on the same Chef Varun Inamdar, Celebrity Chef "Chicken is a fantastic source of protein along with B Vitamins and selenium which is a daily nutritive essential for the human body. The protein that comes from chicken is vital for the wear and tear of your muscles, for bodybuilding and for various biochemical reactions that take place in your body. One should not restrict themselves from consuming poultry as it has no proven data in lieu of coronavirus. Two mantras to keep in mind: Buy it from a known hygienic source and cook it properly before consumption."

The government and scientists have refuted the claim that chicken causes Corona Virus thus making it safe to be consumed by everyone.

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