"We customise as per our guest needs"

Give us a brief about Kapco Banquets & Catering?

Kapco Banquets and Catering was started 14 years ago and is consistently creating top notch hospitality experience across the F&B and hospitality services business. We run more than eight banquet venues set in prime locations all over Mumbai. We plan and execute memorable events to commemorate special occasion both on personal and professional level through each of the exotically conceptualised services - ranging from indoor and open lawn banquets to outdoor catering services. We are looking to expand in two-three cities next year and looking at about 15 units by 2020 Pavitra an exclusive vegetarian catering by Blue Sea has been introduced to the market.

Tell us more about it?

Our menus at Pavitra are crafted specially for vegetarian food lovers. It will delight you with the culturally diverse palette of India and ethnic flavourings from across the globe. These are made under strict conditions ensuring the purity of your food in a pure vegetarian kitchen, run by our team of Maharaaj’s and vegetarian chefs. We cater at the venue of your choice, whether an intimate gathering at home or a huge wedding across India or abroad.

What is the scope for Institutional & Banquet Catering?

We handle institutional catering as an altogether separate vertical that looks after corporate cafeteria and constitutes around 10 percent of our business. We are gradually expanding in this sector as well. In banqueting, we are more focused on wedding and corporate which constitutes around 90 percent of our business.

What are the opportunities do you see in the catering business?

Catering plays a vital role in generating large business volumes that comes in everyday. There is a lot of untapped business ideas and opportunities in the catering industry yet. These days, catering is evolved so much that it’s not only that anybody can afford a caterer, but it also has to do with the fact that there are now several types of catering services to the extent that catering has now become an industry.

So how you are driving innovation in business?

We customise as per our guest needs and innovate keeping up with pace of the world trends. From where do you source supplies for parties and weddings? We get all the raw materials and supplies locally sourced. We are not focusing on a centralised kitchen; in fact every unit has a different kitchen.

How many orders you do at Kapco?

In a year, we do around 3,000- 4,000 parties catering to around three lakh people.

What scale you see for the catering industry?

Over the last three years we have seen an upward trend in new players coming in and older ones trying to innovate. We see the business up scaling considering the fact that the disposable income of India’s population is rising and spends heavily on food catering, be it weddings, parties or family gatherings. 

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