We do not see competition from any local vendors- Taniya Dhirasaria
We do not see competition from any local vendors- Taniya Dhirasaria

What made you venture into cold pressed juice business?

During my work experience of 6 years in the corporate sector, I noticed that working professionals have very bad food habits. People might think that they are eating healthy, but the reality is that they are not getting the right kind of nutrition from their food. And later, this lack of nutrition gets transformed into serious health issues. I started Zoe to solve this problem of lack of nutrition. The idea behind the 7 flavours of cold pressed juices is to provide them with 80+ vitamins & minerals that they don't get from their every day food.

How do you see cold pressed juice market in India?

The cold pressed juice market in India is at a very nascent stage, however, it is growing very fast. Two years back, there were just 3 odd players in the market, today there are a dozen. Also, popular electronics brands are also coming up with domestic cold-pressed juicers, due to which the Indian consumers are becoming aware of the concept.

What is the shelf life of these products?

The shelf life of the products is anywhere between 3 to 7 days, depending on the ingredients used, and the overall acidity / alkalinity of the products. At Zoe, however, we don't serve customers anything that is more that 3 days old.

How was the funding done?

It is a self funded venture. My husband, Karan Jindal and my savings have gone into it. 

What is the future of this segment?

There is a requirement of 1 lakh fresh juice bottles in Delhi-NCR itself, on a daily basis. Which makes it a very big market for enough and more brands to survive. It is a totally unchartered territory.

How are you selling your products?

There are two models- B2C and B2B. In B2C, we are connecting with customers through our website and via Zomato, Swiggy, Grofers, etc. In terms of B2B, we have several tie-ups with gyms and corporates. We are seeing a month-on-month growth of 8X every month at Zoe.

Do you see any competition from local juice vendors in the market?

We do not see competition from any local vendors because essentially we are talking to consumers who are well aware of the difference between a cold pressed juice and normal juice. Also, like I said earlier, there is enough space for all brands to flourish simultaneously.

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