We take five per cent royalty from franchisee turnover- Scoop On
We take five per cent royalty from franchisee turnover- Scoop On

Scoop On is a pre-arranged ice cream scoop, a generous 90gms that is fixed on a house-made waffle cone and frozen at the right temperature to preserve freshness till it reaches the customer. With a motto to change and intensify the way ice cream scoops are stored and delivered to patrons, have pioneered and leaders in this category. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

When and how did you decided to start this company?

We were already into ice-cream business and unable to scale in terms of stores; were facing barriers like portion control, scooping staff, real estate issues. Then, we thought of starting readymade scoop(for hygienic values), sold in a four by four square feet kiosk, which is made available in any corner and no issues related to real estate. This kiosk will be a rapid scaling model in any city.

What are the different varieties of flavours?

There are six delectable flavours i.e. Belgian Dark Chocolate, Crunchy Butter Scotch, Roasted Almond, Black Currant, Alphonso Mango and Real Strawberry. In Lassi, we have three lovely refreshing flavours - Mango, Dry Fruit and Strawberry.

What is the range of your products?

We offer larger scoop servings for the same price.By keeping the competitive price point and premium quality and taste at astandardized price i.e. Rs. 50 for all flavours and for multiplex it is sold at Rs.70.

Who do you see your competition from the market?


Our main competitors are all the scooping parlors and cornettoes which are available in readymade packets.

What are the qualities do you see in your franchise partner?

Someone who has high level of passion and confidence in the business and zest to create a world class ice cream manufacturing unit and an efficient retail network which is coupled by our support. Will be manufacture in his city and can invest one crore. Appointcity sale franchising who will retail the produce. Our proven scoop technology and its related strategy, the same will be imparted for franchisees success.

What are the key things you keep in mind while deciding location for sales partner?

The main focus is all corner shops at busy location and where food is happening.

How many franchise models do you have?

We have 30 outlets in Hyderabad, One company owned and rest are sales partner.

How do you do the marketing of your product?

Our main strategy in marketing is to be everywhere and then advertising campaigns, digital media like facebook etc. According to you, what is the latest trend in the ice-cream sector? No one is offering scoop today, everyone has cups. So if you want to have scoop you have to walk into scoop shop and they are expensive.

What is your expansion plans?

Our plan is to enter into any cities as soon as possible, i.e. 10 or 20 immediately. And also engage in four manufacturing franchise in large cities like Delhi who in turn can support around four hundred Kiosk/sales partner.

Where do you see yourself today in terms of revenue?

We take five per cent royalty from franchisee turnover.  

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