What made This Actor Start His Own Restaurant
What made This Actor Start His Own Restaurant

How did food happen to you?

Hospitality Industry has been my passion and I wanted to do something fruitful in the industry since forever. As they say that there is a time for everything and then my day came when I thought of starting the business and getting in to the industry to face the real show. My friends and I have a common liking and of course passion for food which gave us the strength to shoot the idea and that is how we started our journey.

What inspired you to start a concept like this?

I was an actor before a restaurateur and acting is really close to my heart just like the hospitality industry. Therefore, I merged both my passions together and make a concept which goes perfectly with hospitality and acting as well.

What is the unique element which makes Mayabazar stand out?

We have kept our concept environment friendly and we have used bamboo and palm blocks for interiors and furniture. It also reflects in our packaging as we use paper bags for our customers who like to takeaway their food. Our fundamental motive is to serve best quality food and service on affordable price and that too without harming the environment. 

What’s the story behind the name?

I wanted to give it a filmy touch because of my love for acting. Hence, I named it after the best movie in the history of Telugu Cinema “Mayabazar”.

What are some of experiences that you’re creating at Mayabazar?

We believe in creating experience from the time customer steps in. We want our customers to relax in shack like atmosphere and free themselves from day to day hustle. Spending quality time with friends and family over food is not less than a therapy after all.

How is the customers’ response?

Customers are our utmost priority because they help us to improve and grow in better ways. We are overwhelmed with the reviews and responses we got from our customers. Also, appreciation is one of the keys to success and it helps us to keep innovating new ideas and concepts with food.

How do you think food and beverage trend in India has changed over the past few years?

The change is quite huge and going towards a positive trend which is definitely good for food service sector but on the other hand, it creates a lot of competition which keeps you on your toes always. Anyway, it’s for good cause as it would take Indian cuisine globally.

What are your marketing strategies?

We depend on word of mouth more than any other extra marketing done by us to promote our brand.

What are your expansion plans?

We would like to expand slowly, we are in learning phase and we believe experience is a great teacher. Therefore, our focus is to learn rather than expanding vigorously and not living upto the expectations.

What are your upcoming projects?

As of now we are exploring different areas to expand our brand but not yet zeroed on any one yet.

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