When Food Meets Fun & Experience
When Food Meets Fun & Experience

Bar has become mandate for a restaurant now days. There is barely a person who would walk into a restaurant which does not have a bar regardless if they drink or not. When restaurant and bar business have intermingled with each other then it becomes prerequisite to understand the sign of a bar. Experience and fun are the foremost things at any restaurant either it is a restaurant led by the bar or a bar led by the restaurant. In both ways, there must be longevity and also make sure that consumer is having the right experience.

To Decide What’s Indeed

It’s not less than a drudgery to decide what kind of bar is indeed and the kind of food to pair up with liquor. Restaurateur needs to think from consumer’s point of view to make things simple. That is how they’ll lead to the right set up instead of assuming what consumer would like or unlike. “Being a teetotaller I used to visit different kind of bars and talk to people about their needs at bar. After a long R&D, finally found that ‘value’ is the only crisp which can be added at a bar to make it a happening place like no other. Everyone was getting drinks everywhere but at the end of the day, consumers were looking for cohesive food. At prankster, we paired the food with liquor and then we figured out that we can have the ambience, food, service, drinks and all of them together to create an unforgettable experience. This is the one package which India is looking forward to”, says Inderjeet Singh Banga, Curator and Promoter at Prankster.


Start walking before start jumping is the key of any business. Same goes for the bartender. The person behind the bar is in direct contact with consumer and only he can satiate consumer’s need. “Instead of predicting and make the drink by own, bartender should understand consumer’s tongue and speak to consumes about the drinks because they need to know it. Chefs do that, they go to the table and ask consumers about their dish. The moment a bartender learns it and goes out, there starts his first step”, says Varun Sudhakar, Head of Innovation and Operations - Beverage (PAN India) for PizzaExpress- Gourmet Investments - ‎PizzaExpress.

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