Yell out for fashion and food
Yell out for fashion and food

The beginning of it all

We initially started with Yell as a clothing brand back in 2010. Once, we visited chowki dhani and that is when the idea came to us. We thought to ourselves; let’s open such a place inside the city as well. We had a property that was vacant and so had to put in minimum investment and efforts in getting it started. Kathputli offers a feel of fine-dining. It is a modern version of the rustic feels of Chowki Dhani.

What’s up with this Yelling

Cafe Yell was started with an all-together different concept. We thought of bringing food and clothing together in a way that is unique and thus started our Cafe Yell. The cafe is based on our clothing line only. We have used raw materials that are used in clothes for decor purposes like linens, buttons and threads. The name was an innovative idea. We wanted to show our passion for fashion and food through it. We just wanted to make it sound big; we just wanted to ‘yell’! We also host biker’s event for Cafe Yell. We have a lot of bike communities in Delhi. Bike groups come to Cafe Yell for breakfast as we have a special breakfast menu that is offered from 8.30 AM to 11:00 AM.

Catering all age groups

We started Cafe Yell this year January end only and it has been doing well so far. People seem to like the concept and the food. We offer authentic Italian and continental food at Cafe Yell other than a few Indian main courses at Cafe Yell. On the other hand, Kathputli is a pure veg khadi restaurant which offers Rajhasthani cuisine. Kathputli is more of a family restaurant, whereas Cafe Yell has international cuisines and the target age group is 17 and above. At Cafe Yell we try to give a feel of fine dine with casual settings at a very light price. It has the all the feels for a neighbourhood cafe where you can come sit, relax and have all that you want.

Authenticity matters

People have started to travel and so they know whether you are serving the authentic taste or not. When they travel they look at different dishes and come back and ask for it and you are compelled to do that do. We do not do any fusions; we just stick to authentic tastes and moods. The idea of innovation and fusion with food does not excite me. I’d prefer sticking to basics.

Future prospects

For now, we want to get a building and open maybe Kathputli on one floor and a fusion of Cafe Yell and yell brand on another. We are thinking to bring both food and clothing together, by opening a combined shop where people can shop, have coffee at Cafe Yell and authentic meals at Kathputli or yell as well. In future we plan to bring it all in a single platform to enhance a customer’s experience. We are looking for properties outside Delhi but have not finalised on anything yet. We are very keen to open something in Jaipur right now. 

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