Birch by Romeo Lane Unveils first island bar in Goa
Birch by Romeo Lane Unveils first island bar in Goa

Birch by Romeo Lane introduces the first island bar in India, offering a fresh take on dining and mixology along the  riverbanks of Arpora, Goa.

"I yearn to embroider life for my guests with threads of joy. Birch is a jewel of an island bar, cradled by the river's gentle embrace. Here, nomadic whispers of the jungle mingle with the river's lullaby, inviting guests to shed their earthly burdens and dance with delight. Private cabanas, and sanctuaries draped in emerald shadows, beckon all to indulge in sweet reveries. At the river's heart, melodies unfurl, painting the air with vibrant hues, while on your plate, a symphony of flavors sings – sizzling embers serenade succulent grills, irresistible whispers of dessert coax with sugary promises, and handcrafted cocktails, alchemists' elixirs, shimmer with forbidden intrigue. Birch is not merely a destination; it is a portal, a gateway to a realm where every soul blossoms under the caress of the middle of Lake Luxury. Here, experience transmutes, an ethereal metamorphosis bathed in the moonlight's gentle kiss.” said Saurabh Luthra, Chairman.

Birch by Romeo Lane's food menu embodies culinary ingenuity and the essence of jungle explorations with live grills and open-fire cooking.


The menu offers a diverse array of dishes, it ensures a fusion of flavors, textures, and culinary heritage. From small plates like the "Camembert and Fig Parcel" to "Puffed Amaranth and Roasted Pearl Couscous Salad."

The menu has specialties such as the Awadhi-style "Mushroom Galawat Kebab" and the "Dahi Kataifi Kebab." The dessert offering includes decadent desserts like the "Birch Forest 2.0" and "Limoncello Tiramisu," and a fusion of classic Limoncello liqueur, Amalfi lemons, and delicate layers of Italian savoiardi.

At Birch by Romeo Lane, mixology is transformed into an art form, enhancing the drinking experience with signature cocktails like the "Birchwood Old-Fashioned" and "The Midnight Memories." Other stylish libations include "The Midnight Stroll," "Birch Blossom," and the adventurous "Forest Fire."


Crafted by Saurabh Luthra and Gaurav Luthra, Birch by Romeo Lane brings the essence of the wilderness to Goa through its jungle-themed decor, seamlessly blending natural materials and textures to create an undiscovered realm where nature takes center stage.

With its jungle-inspired setting, inventive cocktails, and a diverse menu merging various culinary influences.

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