Cargill India promotes healthy cooking with Leonardo Olive Oil
Cargill India promotes healthy cooking with Leonardo Olive Oil

With exposure to global cuisine and increasing health orientation, consumers are getting more conscious about the choice of oil for day-to-day consumption.

Leonardo Olive Oil, a leading brand from Cargill Foods India meets the nutrition and health needs of the consumer seeking the right mix of health and taste.

Produced according to the highest quality standards in Italy, Leonardo Olive Oil is available in three variants – Leonardo Olive Oil- Pomace, Leonardo Olive Oil- Extra Light and Leonardo Olive Oil- Extra Virgin.

All the three variants cater to different needs of the discerning consumers; serving every cooking need and bringing wholesome balance of taste and nutrients to their daily diets.

Positioned as the olive oil for Indian cooking, Leonardo Olive Oil has resonated well with the needs of every Indian homemaker and that has made the brand a market leader and a household name in the country.

Leonardo Olive Oil offers 1/3rd oil usage as compared to other refined oils while keeping the level of palatability high. High MUFA (75%) content helps form a crust on the surface of the food that blocks the penetration of oil, making the food light and tasty.  Leonardo Olive Oil Pomace is ideal for frying food and other forms of Indian cooking; Leonardo Olive Oil Extra Light is ideal for stir frying, sautéing and shallow frying and Leonardo Olive Oil Extra Virgin is ideal for salad dressings, pastas, dips and other forms of flavoring.

Leonardo Olive Oil Pomace and Leonardo Olive Oil Extra Virgin are available across pack sizes of, 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr and 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 ltr respectively. Leonardo Olive Oil Extra Light is available across pack sizes of 1 ltr and 2 ltr. The 1 ltr pack of Leonardo Olive Oil Pomace, Extra Virgin and Extra Light costs at Rs. 300-350, Rs. 600-650 and Rs. 500-550 respectively and is available at all modern retail stores and hyper markets.

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