Clear Water and Recycle, Green Collaborate on 18th Anniversary, Paving the Way to Zero Waste
Clear Water and Recycle, Green Collaborate on 18th Anniversary, Paving the Way to Zero Waste

CLEAR, a rapidly expanding bottled water brand in India, has entered into a partnership with Recycle.


On its 18th anniversary on May 7th, CLEAR commits to promoting effective waste recycling practices in collaboration with its channel partners.


Through this initiative, CLEAR aims to recycle an equivalent amount of plastic waste generated and contribute twice as much to recycling efforts.


By striving to achieve a plastic-negative status by 2027, CLEAR sets a noteworthy goal in its sustainability journey.


In this partnership, Recycle.Green will support CLEAR in its efforts to minimize plastic waste by launching a nationwide campaign that involves collaboration with all of its channel partners.


Recycle.Green will integrate its framework extensively into the system, aiding CLEAR in achieving its objectives of effective plastic waste management.


“Owing to this and our efforts to create a CLEAR DUNIYA, this partnership will help us take decisive actions to reduce plastic waste and repurpose recycled plastic for practical use. The tie-up with Recycle. Green is a clear step in this direction and just one of the several initiatives we are working on as a part of our ESG goals,” said Mr. Nayan Shah, Founder & CEO of Clear Premium Water


As part of their collaboration, CLEAR has developed a comprehensive framework to ensure the collection and recycling of all plastic waste generated at their plants and from used bottles.


They are actively raising awareness and providing training to their employees, distributors, and sellers to foster a Zero Waste mission. Furthermore, CLEAR is implementing rewards and incentives to encourage plastic recovery and recycling.


To promote a zero waste culture and enhance engagement with waste collectors and recyclers, they are offering incentives and discounts to customers through the Recycle Green app. Additionally, CLEAR is prioritizing the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices by providing training and increasing awareness among its workforce.


Furthermore, CLEAR's manufacturing facility located in Surat is an environmentally friendly and zero-discharge unit that utilizes 35% less plastic compared to traditional bottles.


CLEAR has set a target to attain net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, and it plans to achieve this through various sustainability initiatives.


These include engaging in tree plantation efforts, utilizing recycled paper and furniture, adopting electric vehicles for logistics, incorporating renewable energy sources in manufacturing processes, and employing renewable plant-based materials for packaging.


These actions aim to not only reduce CLEAR's carbon footprint but also combat plastic pollution, aligning with their plastic-negative initiative.



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