CYK Hospitalities Unveils R&D Kitchen in Gurugram
CYK Hospitalities Unveils R&D Kitchen in Gurugram

CYK Hospitalities has inaugurated an R&D kitchen in UdyogVihar, Gurugram aiming to enhance the culinary experience for aspiring F&B entrepreneurs and individuals seeking guidance in the industry.


The newly established R&D kitchen by CYK Hospitalities in Gurugram provides a cutting-edge facility for current and potential clients to explore, fine-tune, and actualize their culinary ideas.


The primary objective of the kitchen is to foster a community where individuals with diverse culinary backgrounds can come together, interact, and share their ideas.


“Our vision is to foster a vibrant community where individuals come together to engage in cutting-edge research and development within the culinary world. We aim to provide a platform for people to collaborate, exchange ideas, and collectively push the boundaries of culinary innovation.” said, Simranjeet Singh, Director, CYK Hospitalities.


The kitchen boasts a team of five skilled chefs proficient in various segments of the hospitality industry and a wide range of cuisines such as Indian, Continental, PAN Asian, Desserts, Bakery, and global fare.


Additionally, the kitchen houses specialized chefs dedicated to FMCG products. Moreover, it serves as a platform for aspiring culinary talents to unleash their creativity and venture into unconventional culinary creations.


The kitchen will curate an innovative menu centered around millets, while also exploring diverse culinary cuisines.


The R&D kitchen will introduce creative dishes like Rainbow Millet Salad, KuttuRagiPuri, Samakki Kheer, and other such offerings to showcase their culinary ingenuity.


Spanning across a rooftop space of 600 square feet, the kitchen is strategically situated to ensure adequate ventilation. Furthermore, it is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology that prioritizes essential operational needs.

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