ITC Expanding Cloud Kitchens Nationwide
ITC Expanding Cloud Kitchens Nationwide

ITC is set to expand its trial cloud kitchen initiative from Bengaluru to Chennai and further plans to reach Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

The company is known for offering North Indian meals and bakery items through delivery apps, is considering introducing breakfast and oriental cuisines. Hemant Malik, the executive director, revealed these plans.

Malik stated, "Our success recipe involves renowned brands with inherent credibility, cuisine expertise backed by ITC Hotels' chefs, and leveraging the strengths of our packaged foods business."

The company refers to this venture as "food-tech," recognizing it as a promising avenue for growth. Presently, it operates three brands within this domain: ITC Aashirvaad Soul Creations offering North Indian comfort food, ITC Master Chef Creations specializing in gourmet North Indian dishes, and ITC Sunfeast Baked Creations providing bakery items.

With 19 cloud kitchens in Bengaluru and four in Chennai, these facilities have already reached the break-even point.

 "Our essential tech-learning for this venture stems from our emphasis on digital transformation. Our model revolves around establishing central kitchens and satellite units in the cities we serve. Within just two years, we've secured the top position in Bengaluru's premium segment, and now, we aim to expand this success to other cities." added Malik.

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