Nirula's Expand its Culinary Empire with BigBoy Burger Co in Gurgaon
Nirula's Expand its Culinary Empire with BigBoy Burger Co in Gurgaon

Nirula's, a name synonymous with Hot Chocolate Fudge and BigBoy Mutton burger, has opened its first exclusive outlet dedicated to burgers and American food - BigBoy Burger Co. in Gurgaon.

With a remarkable presence in over 120 outlets across Delhi NCR, Nirula's aims to expand its reach to 250+ locations by December 2023.

"We are thrilled to introduce the first BigBoy Burger Co. store in Gurgaon. Our aim is to provide customers with an authentic taste of America, combined with an ambiance that takes them on a nostalgic journey. With BigBoy Burger Co., we not only elevate the burger experience but also create a destination that captures the spirit of American diners,” shared Sumedha Singhal, Director of Marketing at Nirula’s.

Over the past two years, the menu has been expanded fivefold, now encompassing a diverse range of offerings such as momos, biryanis, meal bowls, wraps, fruit coolers, and sorbets. Building on this success, Nirula's embarked on a journey to introduce sister brands, resulting in the creation of Valentino Pizzeria and BigBoy Burger Co.

Valentino Pizzeria brings the authentic taste of Italy through its freshly baked pizzas and handcrafted pastas, while BigBoy Burger Co. caters to burger aficionados with its gourmet creations.

Stepping into the BigBoy Burger Co. store, visitors are instantly transported to an all-American ambiance. Meticulously designed interiors reflect the vibrant and nostalgic atmosphere of a classic American diner, complete with neon lights, checkered floors, and vintage posters. Every detail has been carefully curated to provide a sense of authenticity, offering guests a truly immersive experience.

Nirula's decision to introduce sister brands like Valentino Pizzeria and BigBoy Burger Co. has not only expanded their culinary offerings but has also sparked healthy competition with local brands. By providing head-to-head competition, Nirula's aims to raise the bar and set new standards in the industry, ultimately benefiting customers with a wider array of high-quality dining options.

Furthermore, plans to open an exclusive bakery, pan Asian restaurant, and an all-chicken-based menu brand are already in the pipeline.

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