Nonna's Unveils India's First Neapolitan Sourdough Pizzeria in Pune
Nonna's Unveils India's First Neapolitan Sourdough Pizzeria in Pune

Nonna's is set to launch India's inaugural Neapolitan Sourdough Pizzeria on Fergusson College Road in Pune.

Nonna's is embarking on an expansion venture, with Pune as its newest destination.

The restaurant will present an array of handcrafted delicacies that are certain to enchant the refined tastes of this city.

Restaurant is established by Ayush Jatia, this pizzeria represents a voyage to Naples, Italy. Nonna's sourdough starter has its origins in mother dough that traces back to the 18th century and has been cherished and passed down through generations of the Galliano family in Naples.

“Nonna’s has embarked on a mission to bring Pune the ultimate pizza experience, boasting our signature sourdough pizzas which has a legacy of a 500-year-old recipe. We believe in crafting exceptional dining experiences, and our passion for perfection shines through our artisanal creations. With a blend of traditional techniques and innovative flavours, we are sure that Pune will love Nonna’s as much as it’s been adored in Mumbai.” said Ayush Jatia, Founder.

Nonna's menu offers the sourdough pizzas, particularly Pizza No. 2, Pizza No. 3, and Pizza No. 6, which is popular among customers.

The menu is designed to cater to a wide range while maintaining authenticity. The menu comprises a selection of fried appetizers, salads, oven-baked starters, and desserts, including Eggplant Parmigiana, Garlic Sourdough, Tomato and Mozzarella Focaccia and Nonna's renowned Tiramisu.

Nonna's pizzeria offers a range of beverages including wines, Aperol, Campari, and beer.


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