Salad Days now on Metaverse
Salad Days now on Metaverse

OneRare has announced its partnership with Salad Days, a brand recognized for its strong commitment to sustainability, and for building a community of health-conscious individuals who prioritize organic dining and sustainable living.

Salad Days remains dedicated to innovation and inspiration, both in their culinary creations and the digital sphere.

They advocate that salads are not mere accompaniments, but substantial and nourishing dishes that promote well-being.

Salad Days is preparing to introduce a collection of NFTs within the OneRare Foodverse, promising an engaging experience for food enthusiasts worldwide.

"We are thrilled to join hands with OneRare, the pioneering Food NFT gaming ecosystem and the world’s first food metaverse. Through this partnership, we offer a unique branding opportunity to captivate a whole new audience — the Web3 community. Our dishes, cherished by healthy food enthusiasts in Delhi-NCR and Bangalore, will now transcend their physical form and become part of an immersive gaming experience within the OneRare ecosystem. We embrace this groundbreaking collaboration as an opportunity to celebrate the fusion of gastronomy and technology, captivating the taste buds and imagination of players worldwide." said, Varun Madan, Founder & CEO, Salad Days.

Salad Days' venture into the OneRare Foodverse represents a milestone for the brand. By embracing digital collectibles, they are extending their influence, engaging with their audience in novel ways, and building a connection between the realms of food and technology.

Through their NFTs, Salad Days aim to bring their brand's essence to life in an engaging and interactive manner.

Users will have the chance to possess limited-edition Salad Days NFTs, each portraying a delightful salad creation with intricate details and vibrant visuals.

As Salad Days NFTs circulate within OneRare's Foodverse, the brand gains exposure to a diverse array of gamers, collectors, and enthusiasts worldwide. This not only broadens their customer base but also establishes Salad Days as a forward-thinking and innovative brand.

By participating in OneRare's gaming ecosystem, Salad Days' customers can collect and trade their digital collectibles, creating a sense of exclusivity and ownership. This will elevate the overall brand experience and foster a deeper connection with their audience.

 “This collaboration represents the perfect blend of culinary artistry and cutting-edge technology, offering players a gamified experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional dining. Together with Salad Days, we are breaking new ground in the world of digital collectibles, inviting food enthusiasts worldwide to embark on an unforgettable journey where the joy of healthy eating meets the thrill of virtual exploration.” said, Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRare.  

Furthermore, venturing into the realm of digital collectibles allows Salad Days to reach a global audience, transcending geographical boundaries.

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