Soul Pantry comes up with their new seasonal menu
Soul Pantry comes up with their new seasonal menu

Soul Pantry, located at Andaz Delhi - Hyatt's luxury lifestyle hotel in India, has introduced a range of summer specialties to their menu.


The latest additions feature an assortment of bubble teas, smoothie bowls, and summer refreshments, catering to diverse preferences.


Soul Pantry's Bubble Tea selection offers an array of options, ranging from traditional to blended flavors.


The Classic Milk Bubble Tea, combining Boba pearls, milk, and a sweetener of choice, presents a guilt-free choice for patrons.


For a refreshing summer treat, the Apple and Kiwi Bubble Tea features chopped fresh fruits, tea decoction, boba pearls, milk, and sweetener.


Seasonal fruit lovers can indulge in the Classic Mango Boba Tea and the Strawberry Bubble Tea.


Additionally, the menu includes a Chef's Special Bubble Tea infused with nutella and chocolate syrup. All Bubble Teas are priced at INR 375 plus taxes.


Soul Pantry's Summer Coolers feature invigorating blends crafted from locally sourced, fresh ingredients, providing a respite from the sweltering summer days.


The menu offers a diverse range of options, including the zesty Lemon Chilli Chia Cooler infused with homemade spices, mint, lemon, and water.


Guests can also enjoy The Cardinal Punch, a refreshing mix of cranberry and orange juice topped with ginger ale and lemon.


The Cucumber Mint Cooler is a delightful fusion of fresh cucumber, mint, honey, ginger, and lime. For a tropical twist, the Dragon Mango Refresher combines mango, dragonfruit, lemon, mint, and soda.


Lastly, the Violet Lemonade delights with a combination of soda, mint, and lemon. All these summer coolers are priced at INR 375 plus taxes.


Soul Pantry's talented chef has unveiled a selection of revitalizing smoothie bowls, meticulously crafted to provide a burst of nutrients and antioxidants.


These bowls offer a range of flavor combinations to cater to diverse tastes. The Fruit Blast is a delightful mix of strawberry, mango, banana, dragon fruit, cereal, and seed toppings.


For a delectable treat, the Chocolate Peanut Crunch combines hung curd, chocolate powder, peanut butter, cereal, and seeds. The Strawberry Phantom Smoothie Bowl features strawberries blended with hung curd, honey, banana, cereal, and seeds.


The Frozen Zombie, a summer delicacy, showcases the goodness of bananas, dragon fruit, hung curd, chia seeds, cereal, and seeds.


Lastly, The Green Bomb is a nutrient powerhouse, containing avocados, spinach, kale, curd, honey, cereal, seeds, and garnished with mint and lemon. Each smoothie bowl is priced at INR 650 plus taxes.


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