Street Food Restaurant Yumlok Plans To Invest Rs 50 Crore
Street Food Restaurant Yumlok Plans To Invest Rs 50 Crore

Bengaluru based street food restaurant Yumlok plans to invest Rs 50 crore in setting up 50 stores by 2020.

Demand for home-like food along with paucity of time to cook at home among other are leading this two year old street food restaurant to think of expansion.

Avinash Gupta founder of the restaurant said “Our youth contributes to 28% of our population of 1.3 billion. Youth population of India has liberal mindset. They encourage experimentation with greater consumption. Eating out is often seen as habit among youngsters rather than occasion driven activity. Digital India has helped us in market penetration and prompt home delivery. Keeping all these in mind, time is just right to expand. Our processes are at place. So the key here is speed with right product, process, place and price. Value for money and authentic taste will make your position stable in over crowded market of QSR industries.”

A few popular dishes of the restaurant are Delhi style chaats, Mumbaiya pav bhaji, Bihari sattu paratha along with fusion of Indian and western cuisine, like one of the categories is US Aunty Wali Chaats, a blend of western recipes with Indian spices.

As per Gupta millennial and Gen Z are driving the growth of QSR and Online 2 Stores segments as they don’t have much time to spend on food due to their multi-tasking and digital media engagement.

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