Taftoon Restaurant & Bar to Open 2nd Outlet in Powai, Mumbai
Taftoon Restaurant & Bar to Open 2nd Outlet in Powai, Mumbai

A one-of-its-kind Indian restaurant in Mumbai, Taftoon Bar & Kitchen engenders a gastronomic journey from Kabul to the ancient site of Chittagong and is an ode to the flavours of the Grand Trunk Road, Asia's oldest and most fascinating highway, is all set to bring its unique flavours to the people of Powai.

The restaurant with its raw and simple experiential concept is a culinary journey that spans not just geographical regions, but time ranging from BCE to a period 100 years ago.


Located in the cool and always bustling Hiranandani Gardens locality, the restaurant will level up Powai like never before. The kitchen of the one-of-its-kind Indian restaurant is helmed by not one but three master chefs hailing from different regions of India, bringing a variety of cultures, authenticity, and uniqueness to the menu. Being one of the few Indian restaurants, Taftoon gave Mumbaikars the chance, and now its time for the residents of Powai, to sample unexplored dishes and savour the sublime experience that highlights the ceaseless stream from Kabul and Peshawar in the West through the heart and hinterlands of northern India, to Kolkata in the East.

Flour, saffron, and cardamom infuse freshly leavened bread in the small bakeries scattered across Kabul to Kolkata: Taftoon, is a place wherein culture, traditions, and cuisines are brought together through an exploration of authentic recipes recreated for the modern-day audience. A meal at Taftoon is to experience an overland journey of the northern axis of the Indian subcontinent from the 16th Century- warm, filling, an aromatic flatbread that binds disparate regions, a gourmet experience that transports you back in time!

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