Takumi Unveils Dining Experience in Mumbai
Takumi Unveils Dining Experience in Mumbai

Takumi unveils in Mumbai and the name is derived from the Japanese word for "artisan" and presents a gastronomic adventure.

Brand is created by the visionaries Gaurav Parikh, Anuj Chug, Neeti Goel, Anuj Chu, Varun Chugh, and Ketul Parikh, leaders of Richboyz Hospitality and owners of well-known brands like All Saints, Raeeth, Occo, Secret Story, and others.

The menu is crafted by Head Chef Passang Dorje Lama and it features a chosen array that celebrates the harmony of Southeast Asian cuisine.

From dishes like Gaeng Keaw Whan with Jasmine Rice to the exquisite Grilled Prawn with Lemongrass, and the combination of Asparagus and Steamed Tofu in Oyster and Rice Wine.

Their architectural design integrates features like bamboo trees and simplistic light fixtures.

These design elements mirror the calm and harmonious aesthetic commonly linked with Japanese architecture, fostering an ambiance of peace and simplicity.

"We don't just serve food; we curate an experience, we aim to immerse our patrons in the rich tapestry of Asian &Thai flavors and artistry. From live performances inspired by the artistic heritage of Japan to the meticulous presentation of our culinary offerings, ever aspect of Takumi is designed to create a memorable dining experience." said Gaurav Parikh, Founder, Takumi.

They aim to serve the upscale clientele of Mumbai, providing a dining experience that blends culinary mastery and an ambiance tailored to refined tastes.

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