This Restaurant will take you on a nostalgic journey through Bambaiya street food and more!
This Restaurant will take you on a nostalgic journey through Bambaiya street food and more!

Mumbai is a modernization that defines a multicultural region where different people from different cultures coexist, and the flavours of Mumbai are as diverse as these cultures.

For the love of various cultures that are prevalent in Mumbai, Bambai has been launched to serve everyone multi-cultural foods.

The founders, Chef Ritesh Tulsian and Chef Anees Khan are also the menu curators, each with distinct culinary expertise.

The restaurant is built in Mumbai's most popular neighbourhood, Juhu, with the goal of not only serving the famous Mumbai chaats, but also introducing a variety of dishes from across the Mumbai region that are consumed by residents from other parts of the country.

Chef Ritesh and Chef Anees have deep roots in Maharashtra and have experimented with various cuisines and flavours. This prompted both the chefs to create an establishment capable of bringing specially curated flavours under one roof. Chef Ritesh, who is also a consultant chef, created a variety of Iranian dishes that highlight the classic flavours of Iranian cuisine that are still prevalent in southern Mumbai. Chef Anees, a seasoned pâtissier, has curated some of his best confectioneries for the restaurant, in addition to curating various dishes with Chef Ritesh.

“We have been in Mumbai for several decades and have witnessed the changes in the region when it comes to food; the street food here has had a great influence on us, and with the study, knowledge, and experience of course, we have curated something that will definitely evoke the love for the forgotten food,” shared Chef Ritesh.

According to Chef Anees, "Chef Ritesh and I have professionally witnessed changes in the city over time, and as the days pass, new trends and experiments emerge, but what we wanted to do was bring back disappeared foods and give them a twist that people now seek, and that is how we introduced Bambai.”

Some of the best dishes at Bambai include the lasun chana fry, which is a flavorful combination of chickpeas with spices and garlic lobes. The Naanizaas are something to try, with vegetarian options like simple cheese, mushroom keema, or tandoori paneer, and non-vegetarian options like bhatti da murg, kurla key kebab pav, mutton keema samosa, and more to try.

The restaurant not only focuses on multicultural cuisine, but it also has a quiet, literal interior that depicts Mumbai's local life.

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