Tomato Shortage Hits Burger King India Amid Soaring Prices
Tomato Shortage Hits Burger King India Amid Soaring Prices

Due to ongoing elevated prices, Burger King India customers are now missing out on tomatoes in their wraps and burgers.

"According to a Reuters report on August 16th, notices were displayed at two Burger King India locations stating that 'Even tomatoes deserve a break... we regret being unable to include tomatoes in our dishes.'"

Burger King, which boasts almost 400 branches, ranks among India's major burger chains. It's worth mentioning that competitors like McDonald's and Subway have likewise eliminated tomatoes from their offerings.

The American sandwich franchise has even discontinued the complimentary cheese slices that were available at its stores for several years.

A query on Burger King India's website support section asks, "Where have the tomatoes in my burgers gone?" The response assures customers that the Indian franchisee adheres to stringent quality standards and ensures the imminent return of tomatoes to the menu.

Additionally, the statement urges for your patience and comprehension.

Requests for commentary from Reuters went unanswered by Restaurant Brands Asia, the entity responsible for Burger King Operations in India.

The retail inflation data for July, which was unveiled this week, indicated a 37% annual increase in vegetable prices. Essential items such as onions, peas, garlic, and ginger have all experienced a surge in costs.

In response to the ongoing supply challenges, the government has initiated the importation of tomatoes from Nepal.

Additionally, they have arranged mobile vans to distribute this essential product at more affordable prices nationwide. As per reports on social media, substantial lines have frequently formed in various locations across the country.

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