VRO Hospitality to enter Cloud Kitchen space Pan-India
VRO Hospitality to enter Cloud Kitchen space Pan-India

After raising $3 million Series A funding, Bengaluru-based VRO Hospitality plans to enter into the cloud kitchen business model pan-India.

The brand is now on an expansion mode and will start with three different brands i.e., Burgers and Beyond, Holy Doh Pizzas and Smashed and Whacky Chang at no extra cost.

Once, the brand hits around 30 outlets, it will have about 50-60 dark kitchens operating out of them.

“For the hospitality industry, cloud kitchens emerged as a means to survive the pandemic and now have potentially turned into an industry that according to estimates, can be a $2 billion industry by 2024. Cloud kitchens are expected to add 10% to the top-line revenue and a safeguard against any losses incurred from the physical restaurants,” said Safdhar Adoor, Co-Founder – VRO Hospitality.

“For businesses that are designed for dine-in, profits from cloud kitchens cannot drive profitability. However, cloud kitchens are sustainable as a standalone business since they are easy to start, require less operating cost and lower rents. It has offered any serious player a level playing field irrespective of how deep pockets one may have,”said Sharath Rice, Co-Founder - VRO Hospitality.

"Cloud kitchens and the food delivery system are a perfect match and have a huge potential. As we all go through difficult times, cloud kitchens have allowed us to reach out to consumers in locations where a physical dine-in restaurant would not be a practical possibility."added Dawn Thomas.

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