Kubric boasts a user base of over 1 million users across the globe.

About Kubric

Kubric boasts a user base of over 1 million users across the globe. Emphasizes empowering designers with efficient and collaborative tools to unleash creativity. Utilizes AI and machine learning to automate repetitive tasks and enhance design workflows. Focuses on building a comprehensive design ecosystem within a single platform. Received recognition for its innovative approach to design software and user experience.

  • Year of Inception in India: 2015
  • Share Price Value: Not publicly traded, so no share price available.
  • Founder: A team of indie design-loving and futurist professionals based in Bengaluru, Toronto, and San Francisco.
  • No. of Kubric Store Outlet in India : No physical stores, operates entirely online.
  • Year of Establishment: 2015
  • Is the Kubric Listed? No
  • Website Address: https://kubric.io/
  • Does the Kubric Provides Franchise? No
  • Country of Origin: India


Design workspace: A cloud-based platform that combines design tools, file management, and collaboration features in a single unified space. Magic authoring with design bots: Automates repetitive design tasks and edits, allowing designers to focus on creativity. Multi-format editing: Create and edit files in all sizes and formats (images, videos, GIFs) from the same workspace. Version control: Manage all your file versions effortlessly and revert to previous iterations if needed. Global smart search: Find any creative asset instantly with powerful search tools across all your projects. Integrated integrations: Connect with popular design tools like Shutterstock, Cloudinary, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. Team collaboration: Work seamlessly with teammates on designs in real-time with version control and chat features. Advanced prototyping: Create interactive prototypes directly within the platform for a streamlined design workflow. Customizable templates: Get started quickly with ready-made templates for various design projects.

Who is the Brand Ambassador of Kubric?

No information available on any current brand ambassador for Kubric.

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