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E-commerce is the digital revolution for business transaction. This sector is fast catching up with so many business portals getting into business. The segment is witnessing rapid growth with the increasing penetration of the Internet and for the convenience it provides to the time-strapped consumers. The articles explore the tailor-made technology that caters to e-commerce.

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As we enter the era of internet of things we can surely say that we are more connected than ever. Devices and things around us communicate through cloud internet and are synced for an integrated experience. When we think of retail we have seen a trend emerging where stores behave like websites and websites like stores. Surrounded by

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Online fashion retail major Myntra has chosen to employ the services of Marketing Automation platform WebEngage to power their User Engagement strategy. This partnership will provide Myntra with the technological firepower required to enhance their on-site user engagement, create highly-personalized brand experiences at scale and

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If you’re talking to your phone to remind you to make a telephone call or even help you keep up with a beauty salon appointment, you are one among the millennial tribe, which has moved over apps. Conversational commerce has revolutionized commerce, but retailers are now equipping themselves to serve voice assistants like Google

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A lot has been changed in ecommerce worldwide and the emerging role of machine learning vouches to change things even further. A study by Gartner predicts that by 2020 over 80% of all customer interactions will be handled by AI. Let’s take a look at the current shape of e-commerce industry in India and how machine

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Flying Machine is one of the indigenously grown brands started by garment division of Arvind mills. The brand was incepted in 80’s; Flying Machine is among few early brands which started the denim category in India though consumption was pretty low. The brand had the positioning of ‘guaranteed brand’ due to its unique

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Apart from the business to customer vertical, there is another dimension in the supply chain that is having a good time with the advent of the online business portals. The business to business part of the supply chain is creating a huge spur of the moment by adding an e-commerce platform for the same reason of attracting more customers

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About Max Max, Landmark Group’s leading value fashion brand offers clothing, accessories, and footwear for the entire family. Launched in 2004, the brand is known for ‘Everyday Fashion’ and its ability to offer discerning shoppers a vast range of choices at affordable prices, international styling and great

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US Polo Assn. is the authentic and official brand of the United States Polo Association, the governing body for the sport of Polo in the United States since 1890. Today, the US Polo products are sold through their licensing program in over 135 countries at independent retail stores, department stores and US Polo Assn brand stores. US

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Images and Internet- what can they do? Or rather in this golden era of ecommerce, it’s suitable to ask-what can’t they do? Exploring the limitless possibilities of internet and visual discovery, a start-up in Bengaluru is defining the new age commerce- camcommerce. Riding on the philosophy that although mobile phone cameras

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At present, the LED TV market is close to 14 million sets which are likely to cross 1 Billion USD in revenue by 2019, a lot of which can be attributed to increasing demand of 32 inches LED TV in rural areas and the want of consumer to own a good TV. In urban cities, we see a higher demand for large sizes which are driven/supported by

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As shopping shifts from physical to digital, so have the methods to understand a customer’s buying behavior, and the overall shopping experience. Gone are the days when retailers handed out feedback forms to customers and conducted a manual survey to understand a customer’s shopping experience. On most occasions,

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Personalization, voice assistants at stores, Internet of Things (IoT)- are said to be some of the major tech trends in retail industry this year. However, with analytics providing valuable insights based on hard numbers, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to this powerful tool. Not only has analytics helped organizations tweak their

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Today, technology has affected the way every business model works. It is helping businesses evolve at a greater speed and the industry of direct selling is no exception to it. Direct selling is one of the oldest & simplest product distribution systems prevailing in India. In this system, companies appoint common individuals, called

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There’s little doubt that Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are transformative technologies in most areas of our daily lives. In a peek to the future living, experts have suggested that with the help of AI and ML, from the time you wake up to the last hour till you hit the bed, technology could be practically

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As we are heading towards the future generation, technology seems to shape our life. We have become more dependent on electricity and gadgets that we are on air or water. The invasion of technology is welcomed in both personal as well as professional lives, especially in business to make life easier for both, customers and

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