How is HealthFab Providing Comfortable and Hassle-Free Solutions to Menstruating Women
Menstrual health is still a taboo in today’s world. More so in India, where women’s health issues are barely acknowledged, let alone discussed, in…
The Rapid Growth of Femtech Market in India
The word ‘femtech’ was first used by an entrepreneur named Ida Tin in 2016. Femtech is a broad term that is used to refer to all technology-based…
Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
19 Nov to 20 Nov - JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai
The focus of the 2023 event is to get the best of Brands and Business Investors and for brands to get business done by meeting new partners, building advanced business relationships, and gaining new Business insights to help them make bold choices in the year ahead.
19 Nov to 20 Nov - JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai
World Franchise Forum will bring together the smartest futurists and franchise leaders from all over the world to explore the impact of current and future trends in franchising business, government, technology and society.
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