How is HealthFab Providing Comfortable and Hassle-Free Solutions to Menstruating Women
How is HealthFab Providing Comfortable and Hassle-Free Solutions to Menstruating Women

Menstrual health is still a taboo in today’s world. More so in India, where women’s health issues are barely acknowledged, let alone discussed, in public. This is a characteristic that cuts across all demographics. Keeping all these things in mind, HealthFab was started with the purpose of providing a comfortable and hassle-free solution to menstruating women. Thus, the brand conceptualized and developed GoPadFree as the flagship product which happens to be the first of its kind truly leak-proof period underwear in India that doesn't need anything extra to be worn along the same during periods.

Along the journey, HealthFab’s biggest challenge has been to break through that social barrier and talk to potential customers. For a long time, right from the planning stage, the insights behind the product were taken from women who were friends and family. This continues to be a major challenge as the brand works upon expanding its customer base.

“We were looking to create a solution that would make the lives of the working women in our families easier. This prompted us to make a reusable period panty. The product was a direct solution to the problem at home. The women in our families found it difficult to go to work during their periods, for want of a place to change and a method to dispose of the old pads. But we soon felt that it was not a problem restricted to our households but faced by women globally. So, we decided to test this product in our inner circle, including more friends and family members who fell in this demographic. After six months of testing and incorporating their feedback, we came up with the final product, the GoPadFree reusable standalone period panty. The product is the first and currently the only one of its kind in India. It was listed on Amazon in 2020 and has become quite successful since then,” asserted Kiriti Acharjee, Co-founder, HealthFab.

The brand has not only received an encouraging response from the customers but also investors. “We never faced rejections from investors for being an all-male start-up in the Femtech domain. Most of the investors were welcoming, willing to understand more about our product, and business model,” he added.

GoPadFree panties are made with patent-pending technology using super-quality cotton and additional layers of microfiber, leakproof breathable layers that absorb the flow and do not allow it to leak outside. The use of cotton ensures the product is super comfortable.

The panties are available in 3 absorbency variants namely Lite, Heavy, and Ultra. They are available in two color options - red and black and nine different sizes starting from 2XS to 4XL in both colors. The brand plans to add more styles to the period panties eventually transitioning from a functional brand to a lifestyle brand.

Retail and Marketing Strategy

HealthFab is a digital-first brand wherein the marketing efforts are more focused on digital and social media as that is where the brand finds its potential customers.

“Our customers keep reviewing our products and there are so many instances of customer delight, happening regularly. They often switch from sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups to GoPadFree period panties and share their happiness in getting the comfort of wearing nothing extra during periods,” said Acharjee.

Growth and Expansion

The brand is currently growing at an average rate of 300 percent annually. The products are validated online by prominent e-commerce sellers, and it has also acquired its first 100K customers. Moving forward, it is focusing on offline retail expansion and is in discussion with the modern retail chains across India and has plans to onboard soon.

“Apart from this, the products are available via Amazon in UAE and Saudi Arabia and shipped globally from our website. We are further planning for online expansion in Europe and Australia by the next year,”  Acharjee concluded.

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