Navigating the Transformative Tide: India's FMCG & Retail Industry Expectations and Imperatives
India's consumer industry is experiencing a transformative surge, poised to become the world's third-largest by 2027, following the footsteps of the…
How Nilon’s Popularized Indian Home-made Pickles Worldwide
Pickles are an intrinsic part of the Indian diet, but there is one brand that has cracked the code for satiating diverse preferences across the…
How E-Commerce can Drive Growth in FMCG Sector in 2023
India is pushing for the adoption of 5G, and as a result, eCommerce and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are increasingly relying on more…
How Sustainability in the FMCG Sector will Drive Towards a Better Environment in the Future
The FMCG market has always been closely connected to its consumers and their diverse choices; hence, a long-term shift in consumers’ habits and…
Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
  • Startup Awards 2024
    8 March, Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru

    Poised to be India's hottest start-up carnival, Startup 2024 is conceived as the microcosm of elements that promote the startup zeal.

  • W3 Summit
    8-9 March, Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru

    There is a new web/internet which is radically changing how we invest, interact, live and work. Besides upending the way people manage their finances, Web 3.0 is also stimulating brands and entrepreneurs to innovate for both the physical and virtual worlds.

  • W3 Awards
    9 Mar, Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru

    The W3 Awards will honor Web3's brightest and boldest innovators and Entrepreneurs in March 2024.

  • FROEXPO Hyderabad
    16-17 March, Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad

    Unveiling a world of opportunity at India's leading Business & Tradeshow.

  • Restaurant Awards 2024 Mumbai
    19 Mar, Hotel Trident, Mumbai

    Restaurant Awards 2024 is the top honour bestowed upon the greatest in the industry who have tirelessly dedicated their lives walking an extra mile to raise the bar of the Food & Beverage Sector.

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