Home delivery supply chain ? here to stay
It took one virus to bring the world to its knees. One virus not only changed the way humans interacted, but also affected the way businesses…
Over decades transportation is undergoing major disruption and striving towards to become more organized sector. To succeed and sustain,…
How These 4 Logistics Trends Will Build the Runway for D2C and Retail 2020
As technology makes inroads into the retail industry and D2C companies continuously look to introduce innovative business models and technology-…
Missing the ecommerce party – Indian Railways
The three pillars of strategy for the Indian railways according to the Railway budget 2016 -17 are: 1.    Nav Arjan - New Revenues 2.    Nav Manak…
Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
19 Nov to 20 Nov - JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai
The focus of the 2023 event is to get the best of Brands and Business Investors and for brands to get business done by meeting new partners, building advanced business relationships, and gaining new Business insights to help them make bold choices in the year ahead.
19 Nov to 20 Nov - JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai
World Franchise Forum will bring together the smartest futurists and franchise leaders from all over the world to explore the impact of current and future trends in franchising business, government, technology and society.
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